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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Linkedin Tip 92 - What does 1st, 2nd, and 3rd beside someone "whose viewed my profile's" name mean?

Have you wondered what the numbers beside the top right side of people's names mean on LinkedIn?

You know, where you see 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

You will notice these numbers whenever you see someone else's profile, or when they ask you to connect with them, or when you view your profile viewers.

When you see 1st to the top right of someone's profile, that tells you that the person you are viewing is a direct connection to you. It also means that you can send them a direct message without having to use InMail.

When you see 2nd to the top right of someone's profile, that tells you that the person you are viewing is a second level connection. They are connected to someone you are directly connected with on LinkedIn.

When you see 3rd to the top right of someone's profile, that tells you that the person you are viewing is directly connected to someone who is a second level connection from you.

Eg: I accept a connection request from Joe. Once I accept, we become 1st level connections. If Joe accepts a connection request from Susan, someone I am not connected with, then Susan and I become 2nd level connections. If Susan accepts a connection request from Bob, someone neither Joe or I are connected with, Bob becomes a 3rd level connection from me.

It is kind of like genealogy, except we are not cousins.

Thank you to my LinkedIn network for asking the question.

I look forward to your questions.

Make it a great week!

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

LinkedIn Tip 91 - Why do I need to have a blog?

Prove to me why I need to have a blog for people to read every week!

There have been many clients that I have had pass through my training system and what I have noticed is that most of them never post anything on LinkedIn, let alone anything close to a blog, online, period.

Now why is that, I wonder? Are people just too busy? Do they spend most of their time working in their business rather than working on their business? Or do they just not know where to start blogging?

I think it is a combination of all of the above.

When you have customers with orders you need to fill, or supplies that need ordering, or staff that need training, and a family, where do you find time to do any blogging?

I had someone ask me what the use of blogging was. He said that there are no statistics showing that people are making any significant sales as a result of their blog. So, "Why should I blog?" he said.

Good question.

Here is what your blog does for you! It gives you credibility!!!

People don't buy from you solely because they like your blog. They buy from you because of the trust you have built up with them over time as the authority in your field.

When you blog on a regular basis, you create credibility! Your blog gives you credibility.
For example, I have followers who read my blog posts regularly. It is my blog that shows up in their Home Feed the most. So, when they are looking for someone to help them with their LinkedIn or their blogging, who do you think they are going to call?

When they are meeting for coffee with a business associate and they mention how they need help with LinkedIn and blogging, who do you think they will refer to their associate?
Yup! They will go to and refer to the person who they know, like and trust.

I have had people come to me from all over the world as a result of them reading something that I have posted. It raises a question in their minds or answers a question that they have and they want to reach out to get more information.

When you write your blog and share tips about your business or answer the types of questions that your clients ask you, you are not giving away the farm, so to speak, you are adding massive value. You will be respected for that.

Remember that the person who shows up most often is the person who will usually get the business.

The big secret to building trust online is that real business gets done face-to-face. Be aware of how you are interacting with those people who are commenting and responding to your blogs. Always aim to bring them to a meeting of some sort, phone call, coffee, or Skype.

It is not all about you. It is about how many people you can help.

Having challenges writing your blogs? I can help you with those. So call me. 780-904-9557

Make it a great day!

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

LinkedIn Tip 90 - How do you add more sections to your file?

Is your LinkedIn profile missing some items you would like to have listed there?

Often I have clients who ask me why they need to enter their work experience and their education, etc. on their profile. When you are not bashful and "tell all" so to speak, you share some of who you are and people can relate to you much better.

LinkedIn is a professional platform, and people are there to do business. In order to do business, we all need to know, like and trust the people we are doing business with. Sharing some insights on our past work experience and education helps build this trust.

Just remember when you are entering your work experience and education that there are no gaps in your history. If there are gaps, then you will need to share your volunteer information and certifications that you may have been working on.

People will be able to piece together to see that there are no gaps in your history.

If you have been laid off, for certain periods of time, mention in your profile that you were volunteering for something. One computer programmer told me once that when he was laid off, he started a podcast show and invited corporate executives to be guests on his show every day. This process enabled him to eventually be offered a job, but it also filled the gap between his employment experiences.

People like to know that you did not just sit on the couch eating bon-bons between jobs.

So when you are looking to fill gaps in your profile, click on the blue drop-down menu to the top right side of your profile. You will find many options to choose from.

Do you have a LinkedIn question? Please ask me. I will write a blog about it so some others will also have some answers.

It is not all about me. It is about how many people I can help.

Make it a great day!

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

LinkedIn Tip 89 - How do you create a professional profile address?

Does your LinkedIn profile web address look like a bunch of numbers and letters?

How professional does that appear to others who view your profile, or those you forward your profile address to for viewing?

Are you wondering how you can create your own "vanity" web address. It is also referred to as a custom URL for your public LinkedIn profile.

Here's how you can further enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn:

1. Go to your personal profile page.

2. In the upper right corner, you will see "Edit your public profile".

3. Click that link and it will open a new page where you can see what your profile will look like to others who view your profile.

4. At the top right side of this page, you will see "Edit your public profile URL".

5. Scroll down a few lines to where you see your profile URL and a blue pencil to the right of it.

6. Click the blue pencil.

7. Now you can add the extension you wish. Most people use their personal name in different formats, but it will not save if it is already taken. You may need to get a little creative. For example, I have discovered that there are two other women with my exact same name, so I use "marketingmentress" as my extension.

8. Remember to scroll down the page to save the changes you have made.

After you have saved these changes, then log out of your account and back in again. Go to the "view your pubic profile" page again and check to see if the changes have actually taken effect.

Voila! You now have your own public URL for LinkedIn!

Easy peasy!

If you have any LinkedIn questions, please feel free to ask. I will write a blog about it, so others can also benefit.

Make it a great day!

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

MM Tip 23 - Do you ever feel like you are not enough?

Do you feel like no matter what or how much you do, you will never be all that you need to be?

Are you one of those people who just keeps working harder and harder trying to be better than you feel you are?

Are you getting any closer to feeling like you are more?

As a business mentor, I often hear comments from people who are struggling with some inner voices day in and day out. These voices are telling them that they are never going to be good enough...that they will never be "enough".

I am reminded of an interview in Opra Winfrey's magazine with Barbara Streisand. When Barbara said that she has always felt like she was never enough, I about fell out of my chair! Barbara Streisand, the wonderfully talented and one of the biggest and best actresses and performers of all time, feels like she is never enough!!! How could this be?

As I have met with many business women and women who are casual acquaintances and friends, I have heard this reiterated many times. Most women feel like they are not enough.
Why is that? Is it something we are born with, or is it something to do with the way we are raised? Or is it just something that we all, both men and women experience with the little voice in our heads telling us that we all are never good enough?

It is my humble opinion that we are all susceptible to these negative voices. It is part of what we have to overcome in this life here on earth. Overcoming these voices in our heads is part of what makes us strong from within and helps us to move forward to become more than we thought we could be.

It is up to us to make the decision to ignore the negative voices in our heads and fill our heads with positive thoughts. Stop watching horror movies and negative things on "the box" and the internet. Search for all that is good, wholesome and uplifting. Avoid anything that pulls you down into the depths of darkness. You will never overcome your "voices in your head" until you change the things you do every day.

Set yourself up with a routine of positives from the beginning of your day. Rise, eat a good breakfast, exercise, meditate/pray, visualize all the wonderful things you are thankful for that day. It can be as simple as being thankful that you have stockings without holes in them.

My mother taught me a great lesson as a child. She had six children and had to cook for up to 15 people depending on what time of year it was on the ranch. She did all the laundry and patching and darning for all the family and the hired men. She had no time to deal with a grouchy face first thing in the morning. So if one of us children came to the breakfast table with a grouchy face, we were sent directly to our room to find our smile. Once we found our smile, we were allowed back at the breakfast table.

Thus I learned that it is a decision to listen to the negative voices in my head or the positive ones. I soon learned that it felt much better when I listened to the positive voices. I learned that it is a decision I must make every day. My positive feelings did not just happen. I had to make a conscious decision to choose the positives.

Are you just letting yourself drift into your day without any routines or conscious thought as to what impact your decisions will have on your successes that day?

Try getting yourself on a schedule of routines and positive thoughts and follow it for a month. You will be amazed at the changes that will occur within you.

Remember, you cannot control what others decide to do. You are the only one you can control.

I would love to hear your thoughts and questions.

Make it an awesome day!

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

LinkedIn Tip 88 - Is it ALL About YOU?

Do you feel like you need to make a sale at every meeting you attend?

Is everything you do in life and online all about YOU?

How do you feel about sharing other people's posts in your social media?

I heard a comment at a networking meeting the other day that made me think. "Oh Christine has been at it again...sharing other people's things." The tone of voice that was used made me also rethink what I was doing with all my online marketing.

One thing is for sure, I always am open to helping other people get their messages out. If they have an event locally, I will schedule their message to be posted until the date of the event. All they need to do is send me a URL and digitized poster that is easy to share on social media.

What I find appalling in many instances is the reluctance of people to share other people's posts! Don't they realize that being in business and sharing online is not all about them? It is about how many people we can all help, right.

All too often I see people posting things about their business, which comes across as a big pitch every time. They think that educating and informing their audience is telling them how they do this or that better than the competition. Or they price cut.

None of this ever works as well as if we just take time to blog about questions that our clients have had in the past.

Try thinking from your client's point of view. What is their pain? How can you help them get rid of their pain without a pitch?

Personally, I never worry about people stealing my clients when I post someone else's post. If that happens, then those clients were not meant for me in the first place.

If we never give out tips or answer questions through a blog, we never allow people to build the trust needed for business.

Sharing other people's great posts is both a compliment to them and to you, because you were selfless enough to think of them and how you can help them without pitching your own stuff.

In the 'Rule of 10 Posts', 6 are re-posts of other people's great quotes and blogs; 3 are your own blogs educating and informing people; 1 is a pitch where you invite people to your next webinar or workshop or offer a complimentary session.

So, the rule of posting is to pitch your own business 10% of the time. 60% of the time you are sharing and re-posting other people's great posts.

The way social media works and has the most impact is if we all start sharing each other's posts. If we fail to help others, they will not be as open to sharing your posts.

Connect with me and when I see your great posts, I will share it through my networks.

Remember, what goes around, comes around.

"I scratch your back; you scratch mine."


Learn more about how I help people through my website below.

Make it a great day!

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

MM Tip 22 - If Only...

"If only things would just stay the same I could soldier on without continuously having to learn new things. Then I could get a better grip of my business!"

Is that what you think?

If so, I completely understand. Ever since I became involved with a computer and online marketing, there are days when I say, "When will this ever end?"

But that's progress, right.

Have you heard of the "S" Curve of Economics? It is all about building your business and the bottom starts out slowly. Then as you accelerate your business and sales increase, you experience a rapid growth period. When you reach the top of the "S" curve, if you do nothing to expand your business with new ideas and innovations, your business sales will level off and start to drop.

Is your business starting to drop off and you cannot figure out why? You are doing everything the same as before, perhaps even stepping up with your customer service, but those sales just don't seem to be the same as before.

Would you like to increase your sales and avoid the "drop" at the top of your "S" curve?
Here is an example of what you can do to re-invent your business.

Your sales have been going great, but now have started to drop off. Check your products and services. Which ones are still going strong and which ones are dropping off in sales? Perhaps you need to eliminate those that are no longer selling and replace them with new more innovative ideas.

No, it is not you that is causing the drop in sales.  It is just economics, where your competition is going and what is new in the market that will better help your clients.

Sometimes you just need to take a look at your client demographics. Who buys from you? Has that demographic changed? If so, then you need to bring in more ideas to serve your primary demographic.

If the Boomers have been using your products and services more and more, perhaps you need to target them more. If you see that the younger generation is your primary clientelle, target them. Get my drift?

Another thing that you can do is see what your primary clients are needing now.

When I first started my business, I just did LinkedIn. Of course I knew how to use the other platforms, but I realized that there was a need for someone to specialize with LinkedIn. As there did not seem to be many professionals out there who really knew how to exploit every aspect of LinkedIn, I saw a need and filled it.

I still do my LinkedIn coaching, however, I have realized that most of my clients are not doing all the things that I have been teaching them. So I started asking my past clients how I could help them further.

The results were amazing!

I was teaching them that they needed to be blogging and posting on all their key social media 5 times a day. I even gave them an outline of things that they could do. I left them with those ideas, but I saw very few actually start posting anything.

Lightbulb moment! They needed someone to help them with their blogging!

I have now added blogging and several new packages to my repertoire.

Need help with your online marketing?  Marketing Mentress Packages

If you have some LinkedIn questions, I would love to hear them and get back to you through my blog.

Make it a great day!

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

MM Tip #20 - The Law of Attraction in Marketing.

Are you attracting your customers to you or are you just pitching them?

As I spend hours each day online searching and reading material, I am astounded at how "pitchy" most of the business blogs are. It has been my observation that people do not respond well to being "pitched" to over and over. However, that said, I also notice that people are trying to blog more, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn. You are on the right track.

Here are some ideas from my own personal experience that will help you understand how to use "attraction" to bring customers to you.

I am a Cub Scout leader. We have a pack that meets in our church every week. I am also a classically trained Mezzo Soprano. Here is how these two completely different ideas came together for me.

For over a year I was called to be the Primary Music Chorister. I directed the singing for the children between 3 and 12 years of age for two hours each Sunday. I used puppets and visual aids and actions and fun activities to help the children learn songs. We had great fun together and the children and I would look forward to singing time together each week.

I dearly love the children and enjoy all their brilliance that they bring to the mix. Great fun!

I learned the name of each child so I could address them by name and help make them feel welcome and part of the group. They each got a turn to be my "monitor" or helper, for want of another word.

Fast forward to a year ago when I was called to be a Cub Scout leader for the pack that met in our church.

Oh, I still get asked to pinch hit for the person who is now the chorister in Primary. So the children and I see each other almost every week and we wink at each other and say, "Hi!".

It has now been a year since I was first called to be a Cub Scout leader and I am really not very good at it, in my humble opinion, but I love those boys and they know it.  My name in the Pack is Rukshaw, from the mother wolf in Jungle Book. The big leader of our pack is Akela. 

Together we help the boys 8 to 10 years of age choose activities along the Canadian Path outlined for the Scouting program in Canada.

We have done many great, amusing, fun and challenging activities this past year and our "fame" has been heard among all the young 7 year old boys. We did things like help the boys to extract banana DNA, build fires, have a bike challenge, geo cashing, orienteering, map reading, international day, baking pizza from scratch, make pinatas, knot tying, tons of games and treasure hunts galore.

These are the things that all the younger boys have been hearing.

A few years ago Michael Losier wrote a book called The Law of Attraction. I highly recommend that you read it. It happened to be published at the same time the movie came out and neither one were connected to the other. Talk about divine intervention!

Back to my story.

It has taken a couple of years of consistent effort to build the know, like and trust with the children in Primary. Until one day I had young children come running up to me to give me a big hug whenever I walked into Primary or into the church. What a pleasant surprise!

Yesterday morning I was sitting in a pew waiting for church to start and along came several children, who sat beside me and gave me hugs and shared all about their week and birthdays coming up.  It moved me to tears!

It was all I could do to keep from breaking down on the spot! These precious children made my heart swell, nearly popping out of my chest.

It all happened because I took time to just listen to them and get to know each of them better. One of the children was a boy of 7, who said his birthday is in May, and he is so excited to come to join our Cub Pack! He just wanted to sit with me the whole church meeting despite the promptings to go sit with his family. Finally he begrudgingly went to sit with them at his Dad's insistence.

This story came about because of The Law of Attraction.

My question to you is, "How attractive are you to the people around you?

Are you making it easy for people to approach you and want to do business with you? Is your focus on others or is it on yourself?"

Most of my customers come to me as a result of practicing this great law.

I promise you that if you start applying it, you will receive great results.

Remember that it takes time to build that trust we need and want for business. Also remember that our customers are people too. Their needs are much like our own.

Because I care about you and want to help you in any way I can, I am inviting you to attend a webinar to help clear the fog with the new LinkedIn platform that is now showing up. The cost is minimal...$20.00 Canadian + taxes. It is called "What the Blue Blazes Happened to LinkedIn?"

Date: March 21st at 7:00pm MST

See you there!

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

MM Tip #21 - No Time to Execute Your Own Marketing Plan?

As a solopreneur, how can you get everything done for your own business?

When you are the one who serves the customers and also builds your business, sometimes there just are not enough hours in the day! When will you have time to create a solid presence on your social media?

There is nobody to delegate to, except to find someone who can be your 'clone for a day.'
I just might have a solution for you.

For years I have been coaching solopreneurs on how to use LinkedIn and social media marketing for business. They all get very excited and by the time we are finished our training, teaching them how to do it for themselves, they are so overwhelmed that they don't know which end of the computer is up, let along get going with their online marketing and branding.

I have noticed that most solopreneurs have great intensions, but few ever get to it.

This dilemma has been bothering me for a while, so I have come up with some solutions.

There are some packages that I have developed that can help save you huge amounts of time and yet still provide you with a great online presence that is professional and attracts your customers to you, rather than you feeling like you need to pitch to them all the time. (Pitching just turns people off anyway.)

It is your blog that needs to be at the center of your marketing program. It is also great if that blog is on your website, however, if you do not have one on your website, you can always set up a free blog site as your temporary website.

Since your blog is the engine that runs your entire marketing program, it is imperative that you start blogging. However, if you do not know how to blog and have never done it before, you can hire a ghostwriter...ME!

Many people have mentioned to me that I am a good writer, so I thought that I would offer my services to others. All you do is record your thoughts for each blog on your phone and attach the recording to an email you send over to me. I can have your blog up and posted in a very short time.

If you need more, I have other packages to offer you that include a "do-it-for-you" program.

Is money short? We can find a grant that will help cover costs.

Check out my packages: Marketing Mentress Service Packages

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress