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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

MM Tip #7 - Are you riding on your "Laurels"?

You have worked hard to get your customers ... and now what?

Did you remember to say, "Thank you"?

And how do you thank your customers in this day of online systems and make it memorable?

It has been my observation that this is not something new. After sales service has always been something that is "last minute" at best. Few companies have a system in place to conscientiously thank their customers for their business.

Some give a gift certificate; some verbally thank their customers; some send an email; but mostly businesses just forget to thank their customers all together.

Perhaps they are forgetting "on which side their bread is buttered?" They are in business because of customers who seek them out to use their products and services. Do they remember that?

I had the privilege of working in sales and marketing for a prominent furnace company a few years ago. It was my responsibility to help the company get business.

Shortly after I started working there, I discovered that they had a database of over 30,000! Yes, you read that correctly.

There was a definite disconnect between these past customers and processes within the organization. After inquiring as to what their process of follow-up was, I discovered that little was done at all, if anything...and they were constantly looking for new business.

I was in shock!

While there, I implemented a follow-up system.

1. We sent a thank-you email immediately after the service.

2. Within 24 hours one of our staff members phoned each customer to make sure everything was good with the customer and their furnace was running well.

3. A monthly newsletter was sent out to all the entire mailing list.

4. A database kept track of when next furnace servicing was due and 30 days before that due date, a special letter was physically mailed to the clients reminding them that it was time to schedule their next annual service. They were offered a special discount for being loyal customers.

5. If the customers did not book their service, the following month, they received another physical letter offering them more services in the package for slightly more money, but the package was worth a lot more. There were some considerable savings with this package.

6. The month that the client's furnace system was due for service, they received a phone call reminding them that their furnace was due for its annual servicing and verbally offered another special. This offer was even more money, but there were even more services offered in the package for considerably more savings.

Ninety-five percent of the 30,000 existing customers rebooked their servicing appointments by the third reminder.

It was my responsibility to make the follow-up calls after the servicing and I was still receiving thank you responses on my phone and referrals for the company a year after I had left the company.

People really need that physical connection.

With all the digital this and online that today, many of us feel a big black hole in our lives. We miss the smile on someone's face and the musical words, "Thank you for shopping with us."

Tell me, how do you feel about your customer follow-up service these days?

How would you suggest businesses improve on customer "Thank you's" today?

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

Monday, 21 November 2016

MM Tip #6 - Why do you need a mentor?

A wise mentor suggested that I could share more statistics regarding my online marketing system.

He has inspired me to share.

All too often we fail to track our progress with our marketing. When we speak in generalities, people naturally wonder if there is any substance to what we are claiming.

Isn't that the truth!

I am so thankful for great business associates and mentors who are much more experienced and wiser than myself in many ways, not only with LinkedIn.

If it were not for wonderful coaches and mentors, I would never have achieved the results I have today with LinkedIn.

Along the way, I have met others who have accomplished great sales results using LinkedIn as well. In fact, there are videos on about how Microsoft has eliminated cold calling and replaced it with Sales Navigator on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has been diligent in gathering many statistics and analysing them to determine how to rank members using their platform. One only has to Google for these stats.

As for myself, I humbly own an SSI (Social Selling Index) of 89-90 out of 100. It fluctuates from day to day. What this means is that many of my online connections are now coming to me to ask for coaching services on LinkedIn.

There are 4 key areas that LinkedIn includes in determining your SSI.
1. Establish your professional brand. (25/25)
2. Find the right people. (21/25)
3. Engage with insights. (18.57/25)
4. Build relationships. (25/25)

"Your SSI measures how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging them with insights, and building relationships. It is updated daily." LinkedIn Quote

Social Selling Index also gives you insights on how to improve your social selling.

The unfortunate challenge I find with coaching people on LinkedIn is that most of them want the knowledge, but fail to get on the platform on a daily basis or to use auto-posting platforms to help them maximize their brand presence.

Just one post a week will never be seen. One post a day still will not be noticed. The goal is to work up to 5 posts a day on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

You cannot build the presence or the relationships without being on the platform at least once a day to interact with people who respond to your posts.

What are the challenges you are having with LinkedIn?

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

MM Tip #5 - Video and headshot pet peeves?

Are you using video to help market your business online?

Pretty much everywhere you read anything about online marketing today, we are told that we need to use video.


Here are some of my pet Peeves on the use of video.

How does it make you feel when you open a video that you can tell has been done on a cell phone and their face is so close to the cell phone that you feel like they are literally yelling in your face?

How does it make you feel when you watch a cell phone video and you can tell that they do not have a script, and they are winging it? I don't know about you, but I have a challenge watching those.

What do you think when a gal does a video with a low neckline showing lots of cleavage? 
Are you going to take her seriously? Now we could go into a tirade about discriminating against women, but let's face it, men especially are naturally very visual. It is challenging to keep the eyes focused on the face with all that skin showing.

The same goes for hemlines. Stiletto heels and a skirt half way up the thigh...hmmm! What impression would you get, especially if you were a guy? Would you take the woman seriously?

There are lots of webinars telling us how to use video to market ourselves and our businesses effectively. However, it seems that people just hear, "You need to use video." And they wing it most of the time. What kind of an impression are you leaving with your audience and potential clients?

Great to see people trying to use video. I will give them that much.

Bottom Line: Yes, we should use video to market ourselves and our businesses. -But let's be professional about it and practice, practice, practice. Think how you want to come across to your viewers. Do you want to seem professional or slap-happy? Remember it reflects on you and your business.

This brings into the discussion another pet peeve of mine in marketing and that is the topic of appropriate headshots.

It appears that the men just need to be more professional in their dress and need to use a professional when getting their picture taken.

Women on the other hand still need to watch necklines and hemlines.

There was a gal complaining to me one time about how she was getting "hit" on by men. I checked out her profile and her headshot. She had on a lovely professional suit and was a very attractive women, but the headshot was a full body shot with her sitting and her legs crossed exposing her thigh halfway up to "kingdom come". Now what kind of impression do you think she was leaving? Need I say more?

When I suggested to this woman that she might want to rethink her pose, her comment to me was that she should be able to just be herself. It was her view that it is up to the men to change and not her.

In my humble opinion, it is up to me to change myself, and then the world will follow. We lead by example.

That's the way I see it anyway.

Love to hear your thoughts on these topics.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

Monday, 14 November 2016

LinkedIn Tip #74 - What's Your LinkedIn Pet Peeve?

What stands out to you when you scan through profiles on LinkedIn?

Remember, you have 3 seconds to make a great first impression on LinkedIn. That's right!

One second - headshot checked.
One second - name read.
One second - headline read.

If one of these fails you, your profile will be passed by and people will not even check out your summary or your posts that you have published.

People tell me on a regular basis that they need to have a headshot picture up there that demonstrates what they do. So they put up a picture of a motor cycle or a car, or them in work gear, or their store front, etc.


Remember that LinkedIn is a professional site. Put a professionally done headshot up top. 

Then when you enter your experience, you can add pictures there. You can also add pictures on your summary that demonstrate more about your type of business.

There has been some controversy about the name line, but the LinkedIn terms of use state that just your name goes in this line. (I read the entire terms of use when I first started using LinkedIn...took me almost two days.) When you put your MBA or BA or whatever your letters are, it is like you are "lording it over" people. These letters will show up in your education section if you put them there.

Now the Headline!

What should you put in your headline? I am shocked to hear that some LinkedIn trainers are telling people to put their phone number in their headline. Sorry, I disagree. There are two special places for a phone number. One is under the Contact Info tab at the top of your profile. The other is further down in your profile under the "Advice for Contacting you" tab.

A headline is where we have the opportunity to grab our potential client's attention. This is where we make ourselves different. If we say we are a Realtor with Remax, how many other realtors with Remax are there out there? Find a way to specialize in your trade or profession and say so in your headline in a way that nobody else does.

Remember, everyone can say that they give the best service or have the best pricing.

If you were standing on a corner selling your newspaper, what would be your headline?

It is all about being different...or you're dead in the water, as Roy Osing says. You can get his books to help you find ways to be different with your business.

When you find yourself having challenges making your headline stand out, reach out to me through one of my platforms below. We'll brainstorm some ideas for you.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

LinkedIn Tip #73 - How much time will it cost me?

Will my LinkedIn marketing become a full time job? That is the question.

People ask me how much time they will need to spend on LinkedIn in order to get business.

My answer is always, how much time do you have? Then I smile.

Here's something I have noticed about LinkedIn.

Men are way more active at this than women...for the most part.
Women are always juggling so many things in their daily lives that they cannot fathom implementing one more activity.

Men on the other hand, once they know what is needed to help them market their business, they grab the "bull by the horns" and run with it. They seem to be more willing to dive in and get their "hands dirty".

That's probably why there are more men on LinkedIn than women.

Years ago I decided that because I had such a challenge with learning LinkedIn and perfecting its use I was going to help women start using LinkedIn...especially if they had a B2B type of business.

So, how much time does it really take to stay up to date with LinkedIn on a daily basis?
The answer is in you. How much time are you willing to put into the success of your business?

When people follow just one simple practice, they should only need to spend 15-30 minutes once or twice a day on ALL their social media platforms put together.

Use an auto-posting system. With one of these systems you can schedule posts 6 months out. Then all you need to do is respond on a daily basis.

Take time once a week to post some things and write a couple blogs to share. These can all be scheduled ahead of time. Then when you are sitting in a full day meeting, you can have posts being sent out while you are sitting there in the meeting...not physically posting on your social media.

Check out some of these platforms, like HootSuite or SproutSocial.

Personally, I prefer SproutSocial because of the analytics and the ability to respond to my key social media platforms right on SproutSocial. I don't even have to go to my LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter every day.

Are you feeling stumped as to which auto-posting platform is right for you, reach out through LinkedIn and I'll help you.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

Monday, 7 November 2016

LinkedIn Live Webinars for November and December 2016

It is one thing to set up your profile on LinkedIn and quite another to set up a "killer profile" on LinkedIn.

What is your LinkedIn profile doing for you and your business?

Do you know what to do to get business through LinkedIn?

Do you understand the secrets of the groups?

Do you understand how to publish on the pulse?

I would never have gotten to where I am today without a coach helping me get started right on LinkedIn.

It would be my pleasure to help you achieve your goals with LinkedIn.


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Professional Organizer of the Year in My Books.

When it comes to getting better organized, where do you go first?

In 2013 I met Ranka Burzan at a seminar that we had both attended. Since then we have kept in touch on a daily basis through our online marketing platforms.

Ranka is an excellent blogger and whenever I catch one of her blogs, I always read them, like and share them with my friends and connections. I have referred people to her on a regular basis, because Ranka has gained my trust.

It takes time to build trust. We must be patient with ourselves. We need to keep our face in front of our connections on a regular basis, so that when our services or products are needed by one of these valued connections, the first person they think of is you.

By educating and informing our audience through regular blogging, we gradually build that valued trust. 

Because Ranka has been consistent with her social media marketing, she has built the relationship needed for those valued referrals. I have sent referrals to her and will continue to do so because I know Ranka will treat them well and that she will teach them well.

If you are looking for training as a professional organizer, Ranka rocks big time! She is an example of work ethic and heart, the kind that makes people great.

Thank you for your great example, Ranka!

LinkedIn Tip #72 - 3 Keys to Developing Your Company Page

If you have a business, then you need to have a Company Page.

Many people are not aware that there are Company Pages on LinkedIn. They have a personal profile page but are unaware that they could have a Company Page to build relationships for their business.

I meet many people who are concerned about having a personal profile page. They do not want to have it known that they are the owner of a business. For some it is because they are still working for at a J.O.B.. The Company Page takes all the attention away from your personal profile, if you like.

Another concern I hear from LinkedIn users is, "How do I get people to follow my Company page?" It seems to be far more difficult to build the followership for a Company Page on LinkedIn than it does on Facebook.

Here are three secrets:

1. Your background picture for your Company Page should resemble your Facebook Business Page so you have uniformity. Then reach out to all your connections and invite them to follow your page, just like you do on Facebook.

2. If you want to keep your followers and build more followers, post several times a day on your page. Post great material that people will want to read. Educate, Inform and entertain just a bit.

3. Here is the clincher...When people follow your page, acknowledge them. Remember that all the people on LinkedIn are people too. We need to "be social".

When you have a Company Page and never post anything on it, never visit it to interact with your followers, and never invite people to follow it, no wonder you are having challenges gaining followers.

By the way, you can follow my page here:

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress