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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Why Should I Connect with You?

Have you found someone on LinkedIn that is a great center of influence, that you would love to connect with and help through your network? Then when you send them a connection request, they “decline” it? I have always wondered why people do that?

There they are, on the largest platform for business in the world, virtually everyone on this platform is here to do business, and then they decline our connection requests. I have over 23 million in my extended reach on LinkedIn, and you would think that people would be curious as to how I could help them through my network. To me it is a no-brainer. I will connect with most everyone because I also am looking at who they are connected to.

Here is an example: You know your local politician, and you send them a request to connect to help each other through our networks. They decline the request. I wonder if they really want my vote after all. That isn’t the only question that arises, what about the influence I have on all my connections regarding that politician? If they do not want to accept connections on LinkedIn, then why are they there? People have no idea how much influence I might have, with my audience and this is just one example.

LinkedIn is the most professional social platform for business that is available on the net. The average age of people on LinkedIn is 43 years, and the average annual income of people on LinkedIn is $125K. Compared to Facebook’s average annual income of $25k per person, where do you think the people are who can afford to buy your “stuff”? -And by extension, where do you think the people are who have the most influence on the voting public…or can contribute to your campaign for office?

This is Christine Till, as in “Till we meet again”, the LinkedIn Marketing Mentress. When you request a connection with me, I always accept. It is not all about me…it is all about you and how I can help you!

Make it an awesome week!


  1. Great article Christine. Your comments have helped me understand Linkedin better.

  2. Thank you, Sheryl!

    I have some news to tell you. Let's set a time to chat soon.

    Love & Blessings,