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Thursday, 3 December 2015

LinkedIn Tip # 10 - Have you got a stagnant group?

So you started a LinkedIn group and have 2500 members; now, no activity!

It has been a while since you checked in on your group to see how everyone is doing, and realize that the last time someone posted to your group was six months ago. Your group has stagnated. What do you do now?

There are many LinkedIn group managers who are in that dilemma right now. It is partly because of the huge changes that LinkedIn has implemented, but the main reason your group is stagnant is your own fault. I know that you are busy and I hate to be blunt, but here's why.

1. As a group owner/manager, you must be on that group every day monitoring and commenting on the different discussion threads. Get someone to help you manage your group, so it does not all rest on your shoulders.

2. There must be a message sent out to your members once a week from the management of the group keeping the members apprised of new thoughts and ideas. In this message, you can pitch to your followers things about your next workshop or webinar, or product special, etc.

3. You need to post discussions in your own group regularly. There should be a post from you as the owner every day. Make your posts engaging, educational and informing.

4. Monitor the discussions coming into your group discussion thread. Check to be sure that they are appropriate and not pitches. Your group members will lose interest if they feel like they are always being pitched to.

5. Be thankful to your group members. Give them accolaides about their great posts and thank them for their contribution to your group. Have you thanked them yet?

Once you consistently do this, you will find that your group will be revitalized in a very short period of time.

Remember the "Rule of 10": For every 10 posts, 6 are reposts from someone else; 3 are posts you have written yourself; 1 is a pitch. Just work the numbers and you will succeed!

People want to be educated and informed, not pitched to all the time.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

Twitter: @mktgmentress

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