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Friday, 8 May 2015

Which one are you?

Which one are you?

Excited to achieve your goals, or are you still "stuck in Peanut Butter"?

Which one would you LIKE to be?

Remember the story, "Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far-far-away, there lived a happy prince.....who meets his forever princess...and they live happily ever after. Amen!" 

How often have you wished that this was you?

When I was a little girl, I used to dream of being swept off my feet by a dashing prince on a white horse. Well, I found my dashing prince. . . he can't ride a horse. -But he's my prince.

Do we think life is a "fairy tale"? Do we have unrealistic beliefs?

We tend to look for the rosy things in the next shiny object or the next relationship, or the next new business we start, or the next political party. What the "fairy tale" does not share with us is all the hardship and hard work that went on in between. I have often heard it referred to as their "dash". (You know on a grave stone where it says 1890 - 1999. The dash in between the start and the finish.) The dash between the handsome prince and the happily ever after part.

The next time you find yourself complaining about how hard it is to build your own business, remember that it took Thomas Edison more than 1000 tries before he finally succeeded with the light bulb. You get my drift, right?

Building any business takes a lot...a LOT...of hard work, dedication and commitment. It takes a determination to stick to it until you finally succeed. It means that you will do whatever it takes to succeed with your business. This statement can be misleading, so My clarification on this is "I will do whatever it takes as long as it is legal, morally right, ethical and non-fatening.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass.

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