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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What Does the Industrialization Age Have to do with You?

Many years ago our world witnessed the dawning of  the age of industrialization.

Are we stuck there?

By the time of the second world war, our world had fully embraced the industrial age. Many factories were built to produce a myriad of products to supply our civilization. We were manufacturing everything from ammunition and guns to household items that we used on an everyday basis.

With this new industrialization rose a huge need for workers...people who could stand in the assembly lines or work in the offices pushing paper. There was a tremendous shortage of workers at that time. How were all these factories going to get the workers they needed to keep up with the demand for their products?

Enter the public school system!

 The Public School System was not really designed to educate; it was designed to train up people to be obedient, to take orders, and follow instructions. Receiving an education and a degree ensured people that they would have a regular job for the next 40 years, with the same company.

Today, we still have schools training people and teaching them to get degrees, but what do these degrees really mean? No longer are they providing jobs for people like they did in the past. The average time people today stay in one job is 4.5 years.

We are educating many thousands of young people today, who cannot find employment once they have graduated.  Our world today has changed. The way we used to do things no longer works.  There are more and more people, young and old, starting their own businesses, but with a 90% failure rate in business start-ups today, what do we need to do to affect positive change?

The age we live in now is the age of connectivity. We are connected more than we ever have been in the past. The internet and online systems have shrunk our world and brought us close to our fellow beings on the other side of the world from us.

 "Truly we are a global village." (Marshall McLuhan)

Relationships are being built online by the tens of thousands of people every minute of the day. How is this affecting our lives as we know them? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the things that are coming at you? Are you feeling challenged with 'feeling small' in a strange world?

We need to embrace it! If you want to be successful today, get connected both online and offline.
Many people are hesitant about getting connected online, if we don't, we stand to lose our businesses for sure. If you are not connected, it is just a matter of time before your business or charity will die.
Here's the big secret to being connected...We build the relationships online and real business gets done offline.

Get connected! Learn how.

Christine Till
The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress

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