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Thursday, 19 April 2018

LinkedIn Tip #116 - Have you set up your LinkedIn Profile like a Business Page?

Are you confused as to what exactly you can do to promote your business on LinkedIn?

Have you set up your LinkedIn profile like a business profile…no experience listed…no education listed…excluding all the personal information?

Recently I received a message from LinkedIn regarding violations of their Terms of Use.

LinkedIn suggested I get in touch with all my LinkedIn connections to warn them about this serious violation.  LinkedIn is taking drastic measures to send profiles in violation of the LinkedIn Terms of Use to “LinkedIn Jail”.

One of the things I did when I first started setting up my profile on LinkedIn 9 years ago is read the entire Terms of Use! I wanted to make sure that I was behaving myself on their platform. I also wanted to know how to protect myself.

Right in the beginning of the Terms of Use, LinkedIn says that profiles that are not in compliance will be sent to “LinkedIn Jail” (or words to that effect).

What is “LinkedIn Jail”?

“LinkedIn Jail” is not being able to open your LinkedIn profile one day. No matter what you do, you cannot get into your profile. Your password does not work. Your email does not work. You simply cannot access your profile no matter what you do. This is “Linkedin Jail”.

“LinkedIn Jail” means your account is frozen.

Once your account is frozen, it takes at least 10 days to two weeks to gain access again. LinkedIn puts you through a myriad of hoops to qualify to have access to your profile again.
Now just what will get your profile frozen?

One of the key things that will get your account frozen faster than anything else on LinkedIn is simply setting up your profile like a business page.

Your profile page is for your personal profile. Once you set up your profile page, then you can set up your FREE Company page. Then you can promote your Company page like crazy. Invite people to follow your page. Be active on your page. Be responsive on your page.

Every day I meet LinkedIn profile pages that have been set up like a company page. The business logo is displayed where the personal headshot should appear. The background picture is all about their business. The page is set up purely as a business.

I know that many people do not want to have their personal information listed on LinkedIn, but if you want to use LinkedIn for promoting your business, and you try to hide, people will not trust you.

Business is built on the basis of Know, Like, and Trust. It takes time to build Trust. People Trust people first before they will Trust your business.

Your business cannot build Trust all by itself. Your business needs to be associated with a person and the Trust must be built with the person first before people will ever take a look at your business.

How trustworthy are you? How trustworthy do you appear on your LinkedIn profile.

Stop hiding and you will gain credibility and Trust.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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