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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Review of A House Divided

Was Hannah really killed by her own son!

This was not in her vision of being given in marriage to a Son of Lehi. She was to “live a life of righteousness with a worthy priesthood holder”.

How could a son of Lehi and her own child have gone so wrong?  Why? Why? Why?

What could possess a son to stone his own mother?

This sequel to Daughter of Ishmael completely surprised me! What happens next totally threw me for a loop.

The story carried me into thinking more deeply about what women must have experienced during the times of Lehi’s family in the new world.

I was drawn into the story as though I was standing right there watching and experiencing everything right along with the families of Lehi and Ishmael. I could smell the bushes, the tents made of hides and the fires burning. I could feel the blows of anger and the harsh words.

Then when there were words and actions of love and kindness, they were a relief to me as I felt how the characters in A House Divided lived their uncertain lives in this new country.

As I read A House Divided, I gained a deep respect for the people of Lehi because of how the righteous became stronger and stronger in their faith in God.I am impressed with the strength of Nephi and how he was told by the Lord what he needed to do…and he just “Did it”!

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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