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Thursday, 13 October 2016

LinkedIn Tip #71 - How do I build valuable relationships on LinkedIn?

Have you been wondering how to make the transition from connection to relationship?

This comment from one of my valued connections on LinkedIn speaks to this relationship topic.

"Sadly, I feel that a number of people view LinkedIn connections as a commodity and not appreciating that 'connections or relationships' take time and nurturing.

Perhaps you can post an article as to how people can make positive and personalized introductions - and make themselves compelling, not the other way around as inferred in your post here.Referring to my blog post "Why Should I Connect With You?"

In that post, I mentioned that connecting to people is not all about connecting, it is all about who they are connected to. I also mentioned that I had received a referral from a connection in Vancouver (I live in the Edmonton, Alberta area) to someone in Calgary, Alberta.

I would never have received that referral if I had not built a solid relationship with the referor.
I will mention here that I am also known as the "Relationship Queen". I work diligently to build relationships with all my connections that build the Know, Like and Trust required for people to want to do business with you.

People want to do business with those they Know, Like and Trust.

Hopefully this does not sound cold.

From experience, when we offer our help in many different ways for free, it always comes back to you. There is no thought of how this will come back to you, you are just interested in truly being a friend and helping your fellow associates, whether you are on LinkedIn or in a personal situation for real life.

The true secret to building solid relationships is that the relationships are built online, but real business gets done offline.

We move the relationship to a face-to-face of some kind via phone conversation, or video call, webinar, workshop, coffee meeting if they are in your local area.

The thought that should permeate our minds is that it is not all about yourself; it is about how many people you can help in some professional way. (I inserted the word, "professional", so people don't let their minds run a-muck.)

From experience, I have found that when I conduct myself in this manner, somehow, somewhere it all comes back to me.

After all, we are all on LinkedIn to do business, right!

We want to do business with people we have a good relationship with right!

Building relationships is not all about how many people we are connected to. It is all about how many people we can help to do business through introductions, referrals, wishing them good wishes in their new job or a happy birthday.

Remember that all those connections we have on LinkedIn are people too.

How would you like them to treat you?

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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