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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

LinkedIn Tip #72 - 3 Keys to Developing Your Company Page

If you have a business, then you need to have a Company Page.

Many people are not aware that there are Company Pages on LinkedIn. They have a personal profile page but are unaware that they could have a Company Page to build relationships for their business.

I meet many people who are concerned about having a personal profile page. They do not want to have it known that they are the owner of a business. For some it is because they are still working for at a J.O.B.. The Company Page takes all the attention away from your personal profile, if you like.

Another concern I hear from LinkedIn users is, "How do I get people to follow my Company page?" It seems to be far more difficult to build the followership for a Company Page on LinkedIn than it does on Facebook.

Here are three secrets:

1. Your background picture for your Company Page should resemble your Facebook Business Page so you have uniformity. Then reach out to all your connections and invite them to follow your page, just like you do on Facebook.

2. If you want to keep your followers and build more followers, post several times a day on your page. Post great material that people will want to read. Educate, Inform and entertain just a bit.

3. Here is the clincher...When people follow your page, acknowledge them. Remember that all the people on LinkedIn are people too. We need to "be social".

When you have a Company Page and never post anything on it, never visit it to interact with your followers, and never invite people to follow it, no wonder you are having challenges gaining followers.

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