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Monday, 14 November 2016

LinkedIn Tip #74 - What's Your LinkedIn Pet Peeve?

What stands out to you when you scan through profiles on LinkedIn?

Remember, you have 3 seconds to make a great first impression on LinkedIn. That's right!

One second - headshot checked.
One second - name read.
One second - headline read.

If one of these fails you, your profile will be passed by and people will not even check out your summary or your posts that you have published.

People tell me on a regular basis that they need to have a headshot picture up there that demonstrates what they do. So they put up a picture of a motor cycle or a car, or them in work gear, or their store front, etc.


Remember that LinkedIn is a professional site. Put a professionally done headshot up top. 

Then when you enter your experience, you can add pictures there. You can also add pictures on your summary that demonstrate more about your type of business.

There has been some controversy about the name line, but the LinkedIn terms of use state that just your name goes in this line. (I read the entire terms of use when I first started using LinkedIn...took me almost two days.) When you put your MBA or BA or whatever your letters are, it is like you are "lording it over" people. These letters will show up in your education section if you put them there.

Now the Headline!

What should you put in your headline? I am shocked to hear that some LinkedIn trainers are telling people to put their phone number in their headline. Sorry, I disagree. There are two special places for a phone number. One is under the Contact Info tab at the top of your profile. The other is further down in your profile under the "Advice for Contacting you" tab.

A headline is where we have the opportunity to grab our potential client's attention. This is where we make ourselves different. If we say we are a Realtor with Remax, how many other realtors with Remax are there out there? Find a way to specialize in your trade or profession and say so in your headline in a way that nobody else does.

Remember, everyone can say that they give the best service or have the best pricing.

If you were standing on a corner selling your newspaper, what would be your headline?

It is all about being different...or you're dead in the water, as Roy Osing says. You can get his books to help you find ways to be different with your business.

When you find yourself having challenges making your headline stand out, reach out to me through one of my platforms below. We'll brainstorm some ideas for you.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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