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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Professional Organizer of the Year in My Books.

When it comes to getting better organized, where do you go first?

In 2013 I met Ranka Burzan at a seminar that we had both attended. Since then we have kept in touch on a daily basis through our online marketing platforms.

Ranka is an excellent blogger and whenever I catch one of her blogs, I always read them, like and share them with my friends and connections. I have referred people to her on a regular basis, because Ranka has gained my trust.

It takes time to build trust. We must be patient with ourselves. We need to keep our face in front of our connections on a regular basis, so that when our services or products are needed by one of these valued connections, the first person they think of is you.

By educating and informing our audience through regular blogging, we gradually build that valued trust. 

Because Ranka has been consistent with her social media marketing, she has built the relationship needed for those valued referrals. I have sent referrals to her and will continue to do so because I know Ranka will treat them well and that she will teach them well.

If you are looking for training as a professional organizer, Ranka rocks big time! She is an example of work ethic and heart, the kind that makes people great.

Thank you for your great example, Ranka!

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