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Monday, 5 December 2016

LinkedIn Tip #76 - One More Reason People Don't Read Your Posts

Still wondering why you are not receiving more "Likes" on your LinkedIn posts?

Every time we write an article/blog post and publish it, it is yet another experiment in finding our target audience, enticing them to read our material, "Like" it and "Share" it with their own networks.

How can we ensure that our network is reading our work?

Here is what I've discovered.

It is all about the Search Engines.

I hate to have to break this to you, but... when you publish anything online, you first need to get the search engines to find it. It is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

UGH! You say. Well that is just the way it is and if you want to have people read your stuff, there are some rules about the search engines.

Here is a simple trick.

When you are going to write an article, think about what people will "Google" if they do not know your name or your business. Write down all those words. Then use "Google Adwords" and find some more words. You can also use Google to check for key words in the websites of your competition.

Use these "keywords" in your posts.

Make sure that you have used these same keywords in your own website as well.

Then set up a blog site on Blogger. The reason for this is because Blogger is owned by Google, the most powerful search engine on the "net". Their search engines will search through everything on their platforms first. Then when you publish on Blogger, it also instantly invites you to share your blog on Google +. Google+ is of course also owned by Google. So more exposure to their search engines.

After you publish on your Blogger site, wait at least 24 hours before you publish on the LinkedIn Pulse. Why? Because you want the search engines to have time to find your blog on their platform first. Then they will find it more readily on other platforms. If you have never published before, it would be a good idea to wait 36-48 hours.

This is what I have personally discovered through my own blogging.

It is not about how many books you have published or how many articles you have written. If nobody is reading and liking your work, one of these previous links is missing.

Try implementing these steps and you will notice a definite improvement in your readership. (Likes and shares).

For more ideas on improving your readership and posting on LinkedIn...and a complimentary 15 minute session with me, let's chat.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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