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Monday, 5 December 2016

LinkedIn Tip # 77 - 3 More Tips on How to Get Your Articles Liked and Shared on the Pulse.

So your hard work is not being read, liked and shared on LinkedIn?

Why is that?

1. You post your article or blog only one time.

Just to be clear, you only publish each article on the Pulse one time. When you publish through the Home Page, your post is also automatically posted on your Profile Page. It remains there for eternity unless you remove it.

What I am speaking about here is to repost your article/blog on your Home Page Updates, NOT to republish on the Pulse.

The Pulse is continually moving. That's why it is called the Pulse. So if your post goes out at 8:00am, by 10:00am it is long gone and people who check LinkedIn will miss your post completely ... let alone if anyone checks it after 10:00am. So your post will only be seen by people who check their LinkedIn feed right around the time of posting.

When your post goes out one time at 8am, on November 10th for example, two hours or more after that, your post will never be seen on your main feed.

So here is how you get around this dilemma.

Use an auto-posting platform (I prefer and schedule your post to go out on a different day of the week and different time of day, once a month, six months ahead. (December 10th at 10:00am, January 10th at 2:00pm, February 10th at 4:00pm, and so on) When you choose the same date each month, it automatically becomes a different day of the week as you move through the months.

Remember that people check their messages at different times of day, so only one posting for each of your blogs will be seen one time by only a few of your followers.

Then there are all the people that are not connected to you now. They have never seen your post.

2. Share your post with multiple groups.

On LinkedIn, you can join up to 100 groups now.

Join groups that contain your ideal customers and start sharing your posts with them. Use the link you get from your published article on LinkedIn. When you do this, it will automatically take your readers to your Profile Page.

3. Educate and Inform your audience.

People like to be educated and informed ... and entertained just a tad.

Make your articles engaging through educating and informing.

No preaching or pitching with every article you publish. Here is where you engage the "Rule of 10 Posts" (Wayne Breibarth). Of the 4 posts you write yourself, only one is a pitch. Check out my article When Do I Pitch?.

You are using your writing to build trust. When we pitch or preach too much, people are repulsed and will turn you off. They will do the unthinkable and "DELETE" your precious work from their feeds.

If we want to be liked, we need to be engaging.

All this said, publishing on LinkedIn is and will always be a work in progress. We need to be continually practicing and trying new ideas and finding ways to entice our audience to read, like and share our "stuff".

There isn't only one single "be all- end all" to publishing on LinkedIn.

Keep trying and when you find something that works for you, keep it up.

It is not all about me. It is about how many people I can help.

Give me a shout for your complimentary 15 minute consultation.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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