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Thursday, 29 October 2015

AACK! I Lost My Job!

You worked for most of your adult life and suddenly find yourself ... Fired!?

How does that make you feel?

Let's back track a bit.

January 4th of 2011, I walked into my office at a senior care corporation ready for the new year with my marketing plan in hand and was promptly invited into the conference room!

As I sat there listening to my boss tell me how he thought highly of me and my work ethic, I remembered a few things that I had managed to accomplish for his company.  My heart was saddened by the fact that I was not that important to his company...after all my hard work! Some consolation it was to realize that I had been there longer than any of the other sales representatives he had hired, because now I was Fired!
(Oh they tell you you are being laid off or pink slipped, but those are just glossy words to cover the fact that you are quite simply just Fired!)

All my life, I have been able to adapt to any job presented to me. I did not present myself as a "frump", or so I thought, and I did not have "dementia". Surely I could just go out and find another job?


After sending out a myriad of resumes and managing to receive 4 job interviews with one job offer at $10.00/hr, the penny dropped. The flood gates opened at the realization that I would now have to work harder than I had ever worked before in my life!

What was I going to do?

One minute morale was high and I was unstoppable; the next minute I was down in the deepest of despair. -But I was smart; I had a sharp mind; I looked sharp; what was happening to me?

Thank goodness for my podcasting show. It was here that I found my life saver!

I used LinkedIn to find people to interview for my Eldercare 911 show, and now I was using LinkedIn again to find people to interview on my marketing show. While I was searching for someone to interview, I found a wonderful life coach who helped people deal with their life's griefs and losses.

You know what? I feel that people come into our lives at certain times because it was meant to be.

As I interviewed her on my show, the realization struck me that she was what I needed to help me deal with the loss of my job. All this time I had thought that Grief and Loss coaches helped people deal with death. What a surprise to find out that anyone who has suffered a loss in some way, has emotional baggage to deal with. Here I just thought I could deal with it myself.

I never would have thought that I needed a grief and loss coach, never in a million years. How fortuitous that was!

I was raised being told that we make our beds, and then we have to sleep in them, no matter how tough it is. I was never taught how to deal with losing a job that meant so much. I loved working with the seniors and giving info sessions for them and their families. It was heart-breaking to find myself suddenly out of the picture. -And I was not dealing with it very well.

It has been a huge blessing in my life to have found my Life Coach. She has helped me in so many ways to rebuild my self-esteem.

It is important for me to share part of my story with you now, because I have found a wonderful resource for people who have suffered grief and loss in their lives.

"Divorce Magazine"!

In this magazine, we can find helpful tips and resources for those of us who are going through some sort of grief and loss, whether it be from divorce, death, retirement, or loss of a job.

Check it out!

If you have a product of service to help people through grief or loss, please Call Dorothy Briggs at

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress
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