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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mentoring Women Leaders

Did you start your business "flying by the seat of your plans"?

Did you get a bright idea one day and then decide that you could quit your job and start your own business? 

Or did you watch your boss seem to do very little while you worked your fingers to the bone, and you got fed up being under the boss's thumb, so you quit and started your own business, only to find that now you were wearing all the hats, and there was no "you" as an employee to do all the work?

Or were you "fired" from your job, and you had no choice but to start a business of your own?

That was me.

I call it "fired" because if they did not have another job for you to go to, then you are not "pink-slipped" or "laid off". You are simply "fired". The other words are just used to gloss over the hard truth of it all.

As I attended networking meetings and met many other small business owners. It soom became clear that there were many in the same position as I was...out of work at fifty-ish. I was actually sixty-one when it happened to me.

I watched these other business owners fumble and throw up all over their audience with everything they could do and had to offer, hoping to find someone that would want to buy their services. They would come dressed in jeans and a polo shirt with a 5:00 pm shadow and have grey in their beard which made them look like they had been on a three day binger and hadn't shaved. It was sad to witness. I wanted to just go up to them and give them a hug whispering in their ear, "You need to lost the polo shirt." But that would kill their enthusiasm and break their spirits. 

How could I help them in a concrete, but subtle way?

I could write a book!! And so I did.

My first book was all about being "Fired at Fifty" with lots of self-help tips and tricks for starting your new business on a shoe-string budget.

My new book, which I have co-authored with 24 other women is all about "Mentoring Women Leaders". When we were deciding to write this book, we did some research on the subject and discovered that there was no other book written in Canada on mentoring women. 

We all need a mentor, and sometimes it is not a simple task finding that special person to mentor us, especially another woman. We cannot go to our mothers to ask for advice. We need professional advice for our business.

Get it now:

The topics and expertise we assembled to compose this special book written by 24 successful business women for the mentorship of other business women were in three categories.

The categories are:

Plan Your Business
Grow Your Business
Grow Yourself

Everything from managing money and finances to taking care or your own health and wellness is covered in this book.

It is my sincere belief that when you read this book and implement everything in it into your business, you have a great opportunity to build a successful business and make more money.

After all, what was the real reason you started your own business in the first place?

Get it now:

If you write a review on Amazon, you will have the opportunity to join one of our free 90 min. workshops or webinars on the topic of your choice...Plan Your Business, Grow Your Business, or Grow Yourself.

Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress

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