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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Canada According to Christine

Has the cat got your tongue, or do you really have a backbone?

Daily I read posts from Canadians and people from all around the world. What is the matter with us here in Canada?!!! We have become all wishy-washy with no integrity or desire to stand out from the crowd and be true blue dyed- in- the wool Canadians.

To me being a Canadian is standing up for my rights and the rights of others. It is allowing all people to worship how, where or what they may. It is having integrity by being honest and true to my word. It is standing up for what I believe in as a stalwart Canadian. It is being a good parent and teaching my children right from wrong and to respect their elders and to work hard for their living, and not depend on hand-outs from their parents or the government. Being a Canadian is not resorting to the
use of profanity when I disagree with something.

What do I believe in?

I believe that when people immigrate to Canada, they should be required to learn our language and conform to our standards of dress and culture. They can worship how and what they want in their own homes and churches, but do not try to force us to change our laws and standards to suit your religious beliefs or cultural standards. If immigrants want to come here, then they should be willing to conform to our societal structure, or not come here at all.

"Tit for Tat". If I was to go to their country there would be severe consequences for not conforming to their dress and learning their language.

I have nothing against turbans, but wear them in your church and in your home. I have nothing against jabib, but wear them at your own church and your own home. Don't think you can try to force us to change our laws so you can wear your turbans in our local constabulary or while pledging allegiance to our country. Equality means that everyone has to show their face, not that one person can cover their face while the rest show theirs. This is ludicrist! It is also attacking womens' rights in this country.

We need more people to stand up and speak out! If someone disagrees with me for speaking my mind, that's ok. I am a true blue dyed- in -the wool Canadian. I was born and raised in Alberta. I learned how to work hard for what I have and I expect all people to do the same.

That said, there are many Canadians who are taking advantage of those who are hard working. They are on welfare, even though they are healthy and able to work. It is my humble opinion that these people should be giving community service in return for their welfare cheques. There should not be anything just handed over for free. It should all be earned.

Now I agree that there are those who are genuinely in need of assistance, because they cannot work to earn their own living. We definitely should help these people. Single Moms have a huge challenge trying to work and raise children at the same time. In this case we should have daycare subsidies instead of full welfare cheques. The Moms could work and relax knowing that their children will be ok while they are at work. There is a solution.

Politics according to Christine:

Doesn't anyone in this country study their history? Voting for NDP, Liberal, or Independents is one step away from Communism. Read the history around what happened in Russia and Germany. The people were complacent and not wanting to ruffle any feathers, and look what happened to them.

We think that this will not happen to us, but if we keep on living our lives in complacency, we will end up not only like the Germans and Russians in Hitler's reign, but many other nations in the world have ended up in a similar position, and it is still happening in many countries. People just want to live their lives quietly without any war or stress. They want peace.

Peace and freedom are not free. We have to defend it and if necessary fight for it to the death. There are some things with which we will not put up.

I love what two Australian Prime Ministers have done. They have guts!

They stated that "immigrants have come there for freedom of religion and freedom from oppression and this country (Australia) was founded on Judeo Christian principles and we will not change." They also stated that the people who came to this country (Australia) could exercise the freedom they sought for when they came there by leaving and going back to their country of origin if they don't like living  under their societal structure. And we need to have the same attitude here in Canada.

I believe I am one of the silent majority who has decided to speak up and speak out. Who else is out there of like mind? Let's hear reasoned discourse from you.

I'm Christine Till and I have grown a backbone!

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