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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Did You Vote for Change?

So you voted for change, but are YOU willing to change yourself?

All too often we find it easy to criticise our government, or our teachers, or our leaders, or our boss, or our family members but we fail to look at ourselves.

For instance we say that we want our town or city to make a better effort at recycling, but we are too lazy to carry our recycling bags two blocks to the recycling depot. Or we complain because people are littering the streets and yet we just walk by, leaving the litter laying there.

When was the last time you stooped down to pick up a wrapper on the street to deposit it into the nearest garbage receptacle?

We want our government to change the way they are spending, but what are we doing to change our own spending habits? We want a balanced budget, but are we balancing our own budgets, or are we living beyond our means?

We want good jobs for higher pay, but less taxes and more benefits. Where is the money going to come from to give us our cake and let us eat it too?

Perhaps if we expect our leaders to do things for us, we need to think what we can do to help them.

Have you ever thought about that?

Somehow, somewhere, sometime the "Piper must be paid."

We all have our opinions on how the country should be run, but we expect our leaders to "do it all". Since when did we come into this world entitled?

In our family we had one rule. That rule was "to live our lives in such a way as to create harmony in the home". Imagine what our country or province would be like if we all had that one rule and we all lived it?

So, the next time you are walking down the street and see garbage laying on the sidewalk, will you stop and pick it up, or will you just add your wrapper to it?

Life is not all about me; it is about how many people I can help.

What about you?

Make it an awesome day!

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress
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