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Friday, 19 February 2016

LinkedIn Tip #19 - Mass Messaging Your LinkedIn Connections.

You received a LinkedIn message where you can see the entire mailing list?

There was a time when you could send a message out to 50 of your connections at a time, and uncheck a little box, so your entire list could not see who else received the message.

The message looked like it was only sent to you, but was not necessarily addressed to you by name.

In all the time that I have been on LinkedIn, I have seldom ever sent mass messages out to my connections. My connections are treasures, and I never want to "burn" them in any way.

When I have sent out a mass message, I have always asked my "peeps" to feel free to ask me to help them as well.

It is never all about me. It is always about how many people I can help.

Then came September of 2015! What a turmoil!

The changes that LinkedIn made to their platform were startling to say the least!

Many LinkedIn users are unaware that along with all the new changes came the inability to send discrete mass messages.

There have been many of us complain to LinkedIn about this, but LinkedIn seems oblivious to making this change back to the way it was.

Over the years there were many users who abused this feature and spammed their connection list. I see these new changes as a way for LinkedIn to put a stop to all the spamming. After all, they want us all to feel that LinkedIn is the most professional platform on the net.

Remember, LinkedIn is a business. It is not just created so we can all have free use. Their ultimate goal is to make money. The new changes are pointing us in the "paid platform" direction.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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