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Friday, 5 February 2016

Take Your Eyes Off Yourself for One Minute!

What has your attitude been toward your business and your prospective customers lately?

Do you feel like quitting?

Or do you have a renewed zest for life and for your success?

It is like the "glass half full" scenario isn't it.

When we think that our glass is "half empty", the world looks gloomy and bleak. Nothing seems to work and everything seems broken. Your family is against you; your friends are against you; your closest associates seem to taunt you because you are "not there yet". 

They ask you why you keep on trying? Why not just quit?

This is the point where most people give up.

On the other hand, change your stinking thinking; take a deep breath and forge ahead into new frontiers with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Success is just around the corner!

Something I discovered is that when I take my eyes off myself and focus on others, my business soars.

How about you?

That said, I have decided to challenge myself to raise $100,000 for charity this year. I plan to do it through crowdfunding.

One day I was feeling a little "down" with my business when a sweet friend opened my eyes to a bigger picture. She mentioned that there is a charity in my city that feeds homeless seniors. They are struggling to find the funding they need to keep the meals coming.

I was in shock! I could not believe my ears! Are there really old people on the streets during the Edmonton winter with only a backpack to carry all their belongings?

Upon further investigation, I discovered that there is a friendship center called "Operation Friendship" right here in my city. This center provides three meals a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for these homeless seniors. I also discovered that more than 15% of seniors in Canada are homeless!

Now I was really in shock! I had no idea that these people are being forced to live out in the cold winter.

What could li'l ol me do to help with something of such magnitude?!


I had seen many GoFundMe profiles of people needing financial help and how successful they all were, so I decided to set up my own page for fundraising to help Operation Friendship.

It would make my heart sing if you would be so kind as to donate just $5.00 to help our efforts. The money stays in the account until we are ready to donate it to our charity. Then we connect it directly to Operation Friendship's bank account to pass along the funds.

Here's the catch:

GoFundMe will not list our crowd funding site for our seniors until we reach at least $500 in donations.

Please make a donation and pass this along to your connections to help these seniors.

You know 200 people, who know 200 people, who know 200 people, and so on. If we share this with all our connections and everyone only donates $5.00 each, we would achieve our goal in no time at all!

Just imagine how we will be helping our own people right here in our own back yards!

Copy and paste this link into your browser.

I hear so many Canadians complaining about how we always go help everyone else in the world before we help our own people. This should be one charity that will make our fellow Canadians pleased to support.

Please, please, please help me feed these homeless seniors!


Christine Till
The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress

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