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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

LinkedIn Tip #20 - It's Not Working!

Are you wondering why your honest marketing efforts are not working on LinkedIn?

Every day I see honest people posting messages on LinkedIn, and then I receive messages from many of them asking why their marketing efforts are not working.

So sad.

Here is my humble opinion.

A very good marketing friend explained this to me, and I implemented it as soon as I learned it. It is called "The Rule of 10".

For every 10 posts:
6 posts are reposts of great content from other people
3 posts are your own material
1 post is a pitch

All too often I see people just posting pitch after pitch. "Come join my..." or "Register now...", etc.

People want to be educated and informed first before they will buy from you. They want to see that what you have is legitimately going to work for them. With all the people marketing on the 'net' now, it is more challenging to discern the good from the bad.

It takes time to build that "know, like, trust" with prospective clients. It does not happen overnight.

Many people think that the internet is fast, and that people will respond quickly to their "pitches." But do you like to be pitched at all the time? No! Neither do I.

So think about what you like and how you like people to communicate with you online, and apply the same ideas.

Also, LinkedIn is not all about posting. We need to congratulate people and wish them a Happy Birthday, and endorse them and write recommendations for those we have done business with.

It is not all about "me". It is all about "them". We need to feel the human side of our connections.

Now, the big secret to LinkedIn is in the groups. If you are not using the groups to the max, you are missing the boat big time!

Join the groups that you feel would contain your target audience. Once you get in these groups, start writing educational and informative posts once a week. Remember not to 'pitch'. It is ok to attach your website and contact information, but that is all.

If you are wondering what groups to join, think of it this way. If you are in a health and wellness business, you do NOT join all the health and wellness groups. Why? Because all the people in those groups are looking for the same clients you are. You would want to join groups of executives and HR directors...people who have high stress positions and would be likely open to finding ways to help them cope better, or eat better.

Remember, only pitch 1 time out of 10 posts.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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