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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

LinkedIn Tip #37 - How to display what you want in the top Profile box?

Oh My, have I opened a can of worms with this one?!

Remember my blog on the "Three Second Rule?" It was all about having only 3 seconds to make a great first impression on LinkedIn. (Some people say it is 8 seconds, but I beg to differ. Time yourself as you check out someone's profile.)

1. Check the headshot.
2. Check the name.
3. Check the headline. ( There you have it...3 seconds!)

How your profile rates in the mind of the reader determines whether they will read on beyond the top profile box and go directly to your Summary or not.

Try it yourself. What types of profiles are you most attracted to? What is it about the profile that catches your eye the most?

If you are on a FREE LinkedIn platform, you are limited to what you can do here. However, it is my intention to demonstrate how to use the FREE platform like a paid one.

Once you have your first 3 seconds up and looking great, you want to have your Experience show up the way you want it to. Since you can no longer move individual segments of your profile around the way you want them, you need to make sure that you type in the place where you worked and add your title in brackets after the company name.

Remember that only your first and last name appears in the name space at the top of your profile, so where are your titles and credentials going to show up? You want them to show up in the top box.

Now do the same with your education. Type in the university and in brackets beside the name, type the designation you received. EG: BA or MBA, etc.

There are "work-arounds" with most things on the Free platform.

Play around with it a bit until you get what you want to show up
Your headline does not need to have all your credentials in it. Make them show up in the Experience and Education lines. Your headline needs to draw people to you. That is where you make yourself different from your competition.

Remember that Newspapers never sold with the headline, "Read Your Newspaper Here." 
But the headline "The Marketing Mentress Saves Yet Another Business from Oblivion" does.

How about you? What does your profile box do for you?

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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