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Monday, 20 June 2016

LinkedIn Tip #39 - Why Do I Need a Professional Headshot?

What do you think about when you see a profile with no picture?

Before I first started using LinkedIn, I read the entire terms of use.

Yup! Took me a couple days to study it.

I was scared to death to put myself online! I thought that as soon as I showed up online, I would have hoards of people knocking at my door, so to speak. I was afraid of getting my identity stolen if I had my picture on there. I was afraid to list any details about myself.

Look at me now!

Here is what LinkedIn's Terms of Use states in paraphrase:

1. You must have a personal headshot where the headshot goes.

You have a lovely picture of you and your spouse, so you think that you will just put that up.

 Here is what happens: subconsciously, people wonder who wears the pants in your business? Seriously!

If there is no headshot, a logo, any other picture, you also leave people thinking, "I wonder what they are hiding from me?"

This is a professional site. We need to be professional. It is no different than going to a live networking meeting, where you dress up professionally and show up without a "bag on your head". People see the real you.

2. Only your name goes on the name line.

This does not include your credentials like "MBA" or "BA" or the like. When you set up your profile properly, these will show up in your education section automatically. There is a trick to do it. I can show you.

3. Your headline is what inspires people to want to read more about you on your profile.

This is where you grab their attention.

Who is going to want to read your newspaper when you stand on the corner and say, "Extra, Extra, Read my paper!" Will that grab their attention? Will anyone want to read your paper?

Your headline is not where you list all your credentials. This is where you show yourself as different from anybody else. This is where you entice people to want to "read the rest of your paper"/profile.

It is obvious to me that many, many people using LinkedIn have not read the Terms of Use. It will only be a matter of time before their profiles will get sent to "LinkedIn Jail".

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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