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Monday, 20 June 2016

LinkedIn Tip #40 - How are you Using Those InMails?

On the LinkedIn free platform, you used to get fifteen FREE InMails a month.

LinkedIn just turned it off this weekend! I went in to check, and the inmails were not working for the free platforms. I am hoping that they will be up and running again soon. Will keep you posted.

Do you understand what those are?

This means that you can send a message to 15 people every month without being connected to them.

The big question is where do you "spend" these precious InMails?

Many of you that did not know you were getting these InMails every month probably have a hundred or more in your " InMail bank".

Woopee! You can have a hay-day!

Here is where you use them:

1. Check out all the saved searches you have set up on LinkedIn with the people these searches produce each week. Check the profiles of these people to find the ones you are most attracted to for business. Then send each of them a personal message. Keep it short and sweet.

Remember! Refrain from pitching to them!

2. Check out "Who's Viewed Your Profile" and reach out to these people as well.
The key is to be genuinely interested in the people you are connecting with. They will respond in kind.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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