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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How I Became a Womanition Gal.

After living in BC for 30 years, I am happy to be back in Alberta!

Born and raised on a ranch in Southern Alberta, my heart will always be here! Yup! I'm a cowgirl through and through.

Who'd have ever thought in a million years that I would end up being a social media geek!

My husband and I moved back here because he had found work. I was excited to be back home again!

Still am excited!.

However, it takes time to kindle those relationships of trust again. So I started attending some networking meetings. Through that, I was starting to get clients to help with their LinkedIn.

Then one day we stopped at the 109th street Save-On-Foods store in Edmonton. As we left the store, we stopped to look at the "Free" magazines and newspapers stacked in the foyer of the store. Suddenly I spotted these fabulous magazines! I picked one up and started thumbing through it. Wow! "This must cost at least $10," I thought! But I could not find a price anywhere on the magazine, so I shoved it in my coat and headed to the car, where I promptly opened the magazine and started reading.

As I looked at all the beautiful women in that magazine, I was so jealous of them! I wanted to be in that magazine too. But how was I going to get in that magazine?

I put the magazine in my briefcase and was carrying it around with me. One day as I was working with a client in her office, she asked me if I had heard of Womanition? Well, I pulled out the magazine and said, "You mean this Womanition?"

She nodded her head in agreement.

Then I asked her, "How I can get into this magazine?" So she invited me to the next Edmonton Womanition meeting. That was November 2014.

The very first meeting, I was impressed and felt like I belonged in this group. Since then I have attended all 5 of the Womanition meetups in the province each month.

Soon after I met Dorothy, I was able to start a group in Leduc and I still run this group today. In fact our meeting is the second Thursday of the month in Leduc, AB. It is free to sign up and join the group. There are no membership fees. All we pay for is lunch. It is an opportunity to network and find ways we can support each other.

Come join us. We have a special topic each month, 20 minute speaker, a chance to win a 5 minute pitch for your business when you bring an instant gratification type door prize...and we always have chocolate!

You need to register by Wednesday, the day before the second Thursday.

Love to see you there!

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

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