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Monday, 3 July 2017

LinkedIn Tip #98: Two LinkedIn Questions regarding InMail and Gmail.

1. Can I erase multiple emails from LinkedIn on my Gmail?
2. Can I create one reply and send it to multiple contacts on my Gmail through LinkedIn?
Great questions!

I am sure that there will be others who also have wondered about these questions.
First let me define some terms.

1. InMail is your messaging system on your LinkedIn platform.
2. Email is your personal email account messaging system.

When I first started using LinkedIn, I wondered about all the emails from LinkedIn messages that I was receiving in my MarketingMentress inbox. I hesitated to delete them for fear that I would be deleting them from my LinkedIn as well.

So I deleted one or two and then checked my LinkedIn InMail box. Voila! They were still there!

So, short answer to question number one is that you can delete all your LinkedIn emails that come into your personal email inbox without losing them on your LinkedIn platform.

This is still the case today.

The reason you are receiving these emails, is so that you are reminded that there are people responding to you on your LinkedIn platform.

It is up to you whether you want to click on these emails and go into your LinkedIn account to respond that way, or just delete the message in your email inbox and go directly to LinkedIn and respond to any messages there through InMail.

The Second question is about creating a response to a message and sending that response to multiple contacts in your Gmail.

If you want to send a response to a message on your LinkedIn platform, you can copy multiple people from your LinkedIn connections, but they need to be connected to you on LinkedIn.

What you can do regarding sending out a response to a message on your LinkedIn InMail, is copy the discussion sequence and paste it into your message box on a new message in your Gmail. Then you can send that message to multiple people on your Gmail list.

Hope that makes sense to you.

I look forward to answering your LinkedIn questions.

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

© Copywrite by The Marketing Mentress & Christine Till July 3, 2017

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