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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Truth About Headshots

Are you someone who is afraid of putting your headshot up on your social media platforms?

If you are afraid to put your headshot on your online platforms, here's the low-down.

When I first got started using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like, I was more than a little hesitant to put my personal headshot up on them for the public to see. I had read intel that cautioned against doing this because I could get my "identity stolen." What I discovered was that these people were misinformed.

I had an opportunity to do some workshops with the most informed person on Identity Theft in the world! That was George Greenwood. He has published many books on the subject.

We had pre-arranged our presentation where I would speak for a few minutes on LinkedIn and what we could do with it. Then George would step in and tell us how to do all the LinkedIn work and be 'safe'.

It was most enlightening!

What I discovered through George was that all someone needs to steal our identity is our name and birth date. The perpetrators don't want our picture, because they will put their own headshot on the fake identity.

So, are you putting your birth date up on your platforms so all your friends and connections can wish you a happy birthday? Probably not a good idea.

Take your birthday off all your platforms, and if you cannot take it down, put a fake one up there, and keep track of it in a notebook, so when you have to use your birth date to verify your identity with the platform itself, you can do so.

Yes, it gets complicated.

I have walked into networking meetings where everyone stood and sang "Happy Birthday" to me...and brought a cake! I joined in the singing, thinking that it was someone else's birthday. Then was informed that they were singing to me!!! I asked them which social media platform they got that from? We all had a good laugh!

One time I received a birthday card because someone got my birthday from Facebook!
So, yes, do not send me birthday greetings on any of my platforms, because they all have the wrong birthday, and none of them are the same. If you do, I will acknowledge you and thank you, but will never tell what the real date is.

As I meet new people and they inquire about how to get started with LinkedIn or other social media platforms, they often share with me their feelings of hesitancy at the prospect of putting their headshot on their profiles.

Here's the thing.

If you put a picture of your kids or your pets, or your new car, etc up on your profiles, no matter which platform, your connections and friends can tell right away that it is now you, and it discredits you at first glance. Subconsciously people wonder what you are trying to hide from them?

Remember that it isn't your picture that identity thieves really want.

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Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

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