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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Are You Connected...Really?

Today I am sitting in the lobby of the Rowe building at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. 

I am watching a myriad of young men and women as they gather in this great lobby waiting for their next classes to start. 

Know what I am seeing? 

There is very little conversation happening. Most of them are on their electronic devices. They may be standing close to their classmates, but they are not communicating.

Have you heard of the quote, "No man is an island"?

Theoretically this quote should be true. But I have noticed something very significant that is occurring with this age of connectivity. Social media has and continues to create more "Islands".

It seems that more often than not, people are sitting alone or even beside friends texting and checking online for ... whatever. In fact, instead of chatting to one another, they text each other, even when they are sitting together!

I was waiting at a stop light to cross the street and there were two young ladies, around 14 years of age standing in front of me waiting for the light to change. They were both busy, thumbs flying as they were texting someone. Then a very strange thing occurred! One girl turned to the other one and said, "Yes!" Then there was another flurry of flying thumbs, and the other girl turned to the first one and said, "No Kidding!" -And that is how their communication was continuing as we stood there on the corner.

I was in shock!

What is this world turning into? No wonder we are having more challenges with building relationships today than ever before. All our gizmos and social media are actually making us more disconnected.

Then what in the world does this "age of connectivity" really mean? Does being or staying "connected" mean that we are taking our relationships for granted and simply think that because we are "connected", we are communicating?


We are human beings and thus are gregarious by nature. We all need interaction with other human beings in order to stay healthy. In fact, we have discovered that when people stay isolated for a long time, they are more apt to have things like dementia when they are older. Dementia can start when we are in our twenties. It usually is not detected for at least 20 years, thus it is thought to be a condition of old aged.

Is this age of "connectivity" also creating the microwave oven effect on our other relationships?

Because we are sending and receiving messages online at an alarming rate, when we do not get the results we desire quickly, we leave in search of another solution

If our relationships are not growing at the rate or in the area we desire within a very short period of time, we give up on them and search for that "perfect" one.

Believe me, it does not work that way.

Building relationships takes a lot of work! Years! It is not easy and "life does not run smoothly."

It takes reading lots of books; working together with open minds; finding solutions to those "hic-ups" along the way. Believe me, they will happen, and yes, "life does not run smoothly", but if you have a willing heart and mind, together you can do amazing things. 

If you are in business, you will want to seek out a good coach to guide and mentor you through this process.

It takes time to build those relationships we need and want with the people we need and want for business, and it all starts with you.

Get connected on a much deeper level. People you are connected to will only do business with you if they know, like and trust you. If you are in business, you will be glad you did.

Make it a great day!

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress
Twitter: @mktgmentress

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