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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Secrets of the Groups - Tip #5

Are you looking to build the relationships you need and want for business?

Part of building relationships is carrying on a conversation, like you were meeting someone in life for the first time. This all begins on LinkedIn with the connections we make.  In real life, real time networking situations, we respond to each other and find out all about the other person first, before we say anything about ourselves...or at least that is what should be happening. When we immediately start pitching our stuff, we turn people off. They want to run away.

The same is true on LinkedIn.

When we accept a connection, the first thing we should do is click the tiny envelope beside their name and send them a cordial "thank you for linking up" kind of message, and invite them to connect with you on your other platforms of online media.

Remember, it is not all about you. It is about how many people you can help.

Once you make that initial connection, the next step is to check their profile and find out all you can about them. Search for ways that you can serve them to add value to your relationship. For example, if you know of someone in your connections who would be a great possible client for them, introduce them. I have done this many times, and had cheques mailed to me as a result of business that has been generated. It is called working joint ventures (JV's).

Moving on to the next step.

The secret to LinkedIn is in the groups.

Many business owners think that the secret to the groups on LinkedIn is interacting and taking part in all the discussions, but how can one manage to take part in 100 different group conversations every day?

With the new platform, we can now join up to 100 groups. However, before you get all overwhelmed, there are ways to keep in communication with all these groups without having to spend the entire day responding to comments and posting. The key is to join groups that would contain your ideal types of clients. For instance, if you had a health and wellness business, you would not join all health and wellness groups, because everyone in those groups is looking for the same type of clients you are. Think where your past clients came from, and join those groups.

It used to be that you could go into each group that you were a member of and search through the members for your target audience and potential clients. That is no longer the case. LinkedIn has set their search systems up, so that you do not go into the groups to perform this search.

Now you just use the "Advanced" search.

The Advanced search allows you to choose which area you would like to search. Among those are the groups. You can choose which of your groups you would like to search each time.

You can also set the Advanced search up so that it will continue to search with those parameters you have set up and let you know when your search has found potential clients for you.

Also, you can change your search parameters any time you like being as specific as you like.

The Marketing Mentress has a 2 hour webinar coming up on the 19th of November from 6-8pm MDT.  It is called "Secrets of the Groups". If you want to know all the tricks you can employ through the use of group searches and how to maximize your time with them, this is a great webinar. Learn how to make money with the groups.

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I look forward to helping you.

Tip #6 will be The Three Reasons Why Groups are the Key.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress
Twitter: @mktgmentress


  1. Excellent post, as always, Christine! Thank you for reminding us how to keep communication on LinkedIn simple, effective, and strategic.