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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How long do people read your blogs?

People often ask me about how to get more people to read their blog posts.

When I first started my podcast show, my main goal was to find ways to get people to click on them. I worked diligently to find things that would inspire people to click on my "pod-blogs".

I discovered that in order to entice people to click, read and listen, I needed a catchy headline for my post. I would think about the person I had interviewed and the conversation I had with them about their business, charity or book. I would ask them, "What is it that keeps your ideal clients awake at 2am?"

Wow! It made them think!

I once interviewed a gentleman who had invented a recyclable fire extinguisher. It was 9" long and 1.5" in diameter. He had some great contained fires on his website comparing the effects of a big, red 10# fire extinguisher and his small, recyclable one. But people would never get to even see this unless I could entice them to click and listen.

The caption I decided to put on his pod-blog was, "Help! My house is burning down!!!"

We had 124 people click to listen to this interview within the first 24 hours and one listener from Orange County California asked to be connected to this inventor because he wanted to get these through his entire county!

I think we hit the "staying awake at 2am spot" with this post.

Since then I tracked how long people were listening and reading my pod-blogs and discovered that the average person was listening about 3 minutes. The shortest was 1 minute and the longest was 13 minutes.

These statistics gave me insights on how long to make my pod-blogs.

Today people are busy and tend to read in short snip-its.

So if you are wondering why you are not getting many "likes" and shares for your blogs, perhaps you should take a long look at their length.

Have you tracked how long people linger to read your "stuff"?

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