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Friday, 13 May 2016

LinkedIn Tip #31 - Did you get the App?

With our busy, always on the go lifestyles today we seldom are in our offices.

Sound familiar?

With this lifestyle of being out and about continuously, we need systems to help us stay in touch with key messages and news that we need on a daily basis. Hence the influx of hand-held devices that help us do this. But these devices are more than just phones.

How many of you use a smart phone of some sort? I do, and it is a life saver! I can touch bases through email, and social media wherever I am. You will find me at my desk only when I am doing some serious writing or programming...and that is often late at night when I am less likely to get interruptions from the phone.

That said, do you have the LinkedIn app downloaded to your mobile phone, iPad, or Android?

Have you opened your LinkedIn profile through this app? What do you see?

Check it out and make sure that when people view your profile through the app, they are seeing what you want them to see.

Very important! Remember you only have 3 seconds to make that great first impression on LinkedIn.

If you have a LinkedIn question, feel free to message me.

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Till, Christine
LinkedIn Strategist
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