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Saturday, 7 May 2016

LinkedIn Tip #30 - FREE Advanced People Searches.

With all the changes on LinkedIn recently, advanced searches have blossomed!

I think we were spoiled with the ability to do targeted searches in the groups, and through our connections, etc. It was a daily routine for many of us to go into some of our groups and search for people who fit our target market, check out their profiles, and start a conversation with them. It was like a huge networking meeting, where you could just walk up to pretty much anyone and introduce yourself.

However, what happened is people did more than just introduce themselves. There were people sending messages out to the entire group membership in each group they belonged to, and pitching to everyone.


It has always been a bug bear of mine. The only times I have reached out to my network was to help out someone else. I never profited from it. I just did it as a favour. I also let my connections know that I was helping out a friend, and that if they wanted me to help them get the word out, please let me know and I would gladly help them as well.

Even with this non-pitch message, there was the odd person who would get their "Knickers in a twist". Funny thing is I never did it very often, perhaps once a quarter. It made me wonder why some people are on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most professional platform on the 'net', bar none! Everyone on LinkedIn is there to do business of some sort, whether it is finding work or finding customers.

I always try to make sure that I am approaching people the way I would appreciate others approaching me. But that is an entirely other blog.

With these Advanced Searches, we can choose very specific target audiences. We can save 3 different searches as free subscribers. We can use Boolean searches with "+ Add" or  the "or". Eg: "owner + HR or CEO" in the advanced search bar. Then you can choose from all the lists that LinkedIn offers in the advanced search window.

Once you save searches, LinkedIn will give you suggestions of people that you might be looking for. With each of these, you can check out their profiles and search for people who are connected to them that you know and could introduce you. With your 15 FREE monthly InMails, you send a direct message introducing yourself and asking them to tell you more about themselves and their business.

Remember, this is not an opportunity to pitch to everyone you can about your business.
It is not about you. It is about how many people you can help in some way.

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Till, Christine
LinkedIn Strategist
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