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Thursday, 26 May 2016

LinkedIn Tip #32 - How to use your connections and have them love you for it!

Have you ever wondered what you can do with all your connections? 

You worked hard to get them; what  do you do with them?

So, when you have tens of thousands of connections, how do you magnetize those relationships? And how do you magnetize those relationships without continually spamming them?

Good questions!

Go to the tiny "Advanced" word in the top right of your LinkedIn search bar. Click it. It will expand to a window you can type some search words into. These would be keywords.

Then you can choose to just search your first connections.

Save the search parameters and move on to save up to three of these searches. 

When you see that the results you are getting on a search is not producing, just delete that search and set up a new one.

This little activity will cause people to check out your profile.


Now all you have to do is respond to the people who viewed your profile, thank them for visiting you and ask them how you can help them. They will be happy to interact with you.

Once you have opened a dialogue, all you have to do is keep the conversation pointed to them. Pretty soon they will ask you about yourself. This is your chance to share a bit, but not too much. Keep turning the conversation back to them.

The goal is to find ways you can help each other. When it results in business for you, that is a bonus.

You will discover how you can help them, either yourself or through your network.


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Till, Christine
LinkedIn Strategist
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