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Friday, 20 May 2016

Three Life-Changing Keys to Great Communication and 'Real' Teamwork.

It has been my pleasure to work with Neil Godin through the Canada run Business Owner Development Program. Neil has also been my guest on the Marketing Mentress Show. He is an awesome speaker and has been both a great mentor and dear friend over the years. If you are able to attend this presentation, you will be glad you did!

This program will benefit you if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:
  • Do you wish you could keep your cool when “life happens” and things go sideways? 
  • Do you need to build “real” teamwork in order to achieve your goals in business, and in life?
  • Is conflict hurting your relationships (with customers, colleagues, or people in your personal life) and costing you in time, anxiety and stress? 
Here is a little blurb that describes the program in a nutshell:

“This seminar is about building and maintaining ‘real’ teamwork – by learning and applying three powerful keys to sharply reducing conflict and the anger, resentment, demoralization, and stress that it breeds. This is a potentially life-changing ‘how-to’ program on self-management and communication skills. It’s about how to manage your reactions and maintain your cool in the heat of the moment. How to approach ‘safely’ when you have to confront someone, so you don’t provoke defensiveness. It’s about enhancing your ability to prevent conflict when you see it coming – and resolve conflict when it can’t be prevented. It’s about ‘you.’”

Neil Godin is a Vancouver based, business speaker, trainer, writer and coach. His client list includes The Royal Bank, Telus, Ford, Shell, McDonalds, Subway, and many other large organizations. However, he is best known as “The Turnaround Guy”™ for his work with small to mid size companies in trouble. In turnarounds, sales always have to be doubled (or more) – immediately – even though staff are cut and there is no money for marketing.  But most of these companies do recover – thanks to owners, managers and staff learning how to work together more effectively than ever before.
To support this work, Neil began studying and teaching communication and conflict resolution more than 30 years ago (including certificate training at the Justice Institute of BC’s Centre for Conflict Resolution). As a writer, Neil is author of “Selling in the (Comfort) Zone,” a comprehensive guide to marketing and sales for business owners and salespeople. As an entertaining and dynamic speaker he has addressed more than 300,000 from coast to coast in Canada and the US.   

I’ve received several requests to clarify how to register for this Vancouver Business Network presentation on June 7. So, here we go. Please click here to reach, where you will click on the “Join us” button. This gets you membership in both and the Vancouver Business Network. Both are free to join. Then, to RSVP for my presentation, please come back here and click on the link again This will take you to the VBN page announcing my presentation. Click on “Yes” to indicate that you plan to attend. There is no payment required at this point...simply pay $12 when you arrive on June 7. Okay?

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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