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Friday, 1 July 2016

LinkedIn Tip # 41 - Why should we accept connection requests from people we don't know?

"I only want to connect with people I know and in my area."

Sound familiar?

It is not all about the people you know or in your area. It is about who THEY know.
I am a L.I.O.N. (LinkedIn Open Networker) However, there is a caveat to that. I will not connect with people who do not have a headshot on their profile. It makes me feel like they are hiding something from me.

That said, I have connected with people all over the world. I have coached people about LinkedIn in Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Monaco, UK, all across the US and Canada.
I understand that not everyone is like me and their target market is probably more close to home. But...

Here is an example of what can happen.

I am connected to a gal in Vancouver, BC area. She is connected to a gal in Calgary, AB. The Vancouver gal is chatting with the Calgarian and discovers that she is looking for help with LinkedIn, so the Vancouverite refers the Calgarian, to me.

Voila! New Client!

That's the beauty of LinkedIn and social media.

Who would have thought that if I connected with someone in Vancouver, that they would refer me to someone in Calgary!

This is only one of many similar scenarios.

With all the great technology we have today, we can connect with people and work with them all over the world. If you offer a service, this is easy-peasy. If you have a product, you can always ship it.

Yes, I realize that there are some products and services you cannot ship or conduct at distance like hair dressing and restaurants, but remember it is not all about your direct connections. It is all about who they are connected to.

The next time you go to discard a connection request, think twice.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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