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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Daughter of Ishmael...Bone-Chilling and Exciting!

What if you had to leave your home and live in the wilderness? 

How would you like living in a tent for many years and having families out in the wild? There would be no doctors or nurses, just the loving assistance of your mother and sisters when you were giving birth. What would you eat?

Lehi and Ishmael's families were in just this situation. They had to "get out of Dodge" in a hurry, or they would be mobbed by wicked people. They had to run for their lives.

These families had to leave their wealthy lifestyles and now live in a tent!

But there was one child who could truly see and understand the whole scenario. That was Hannah. She could fully understand why they had to leave and the divine plan ahead.

All the children from Lehi and Ishmael's families were of marrying age. However, in those days, you were not allowed to have private conversations with a member of the opposite sex. There must always be someone in the room with you to chaperone. You did not choose your spouse, your parents did that for you.

With Hannah's testimony and strength in the gospel, she was given in marriage to a son of Lehi, Lemuel, who's strength in the Lord was weak. The parents made this match because they thought Hannah would be an influence on her husband for good.

As you read the story, you feel the frustrations and the joys that Hannah feels. You feel her angst with every step she takes. You feel the heat of the day and the dust sticking to her moist skin as she travels in the desert. You feel the grit in her teeth and the deep desire for refreshment that water brings.

"Daughter of Ishmael" grabbed my attention from the beginning and I felt every emotion that Hannah felt. It was as though I was living Hannah's life vicariously through the book.

I felt Hannah's dread and her joy at finally having a son and then losing that son forever as he followed Satan's grasp.

I loved how the epilogue opens the way for a sequel.

There is still hope for Hannah.

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