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Monday, 2 January 2017

MM Tip # 13 - Do you need a slap "upside the head" for 2017?

Are you afraid of 2017 or are you excited to see what awaits?

On the weekend I had a chance to chat with a friend about Happy New Year 2017. What a shock I received...a real rude awakening!

I thought that everyone looked forward to the New Year and was excited for it because of all the possibilities that are in store for us. I thought that everyone got busy thinking of ways they could make the incoming year better than last year. I thought that people were generally very positive about welcoming in the new and out with the old, so to speak.

This was shocking intel! It took me a few minutes to process it all!

I found someone who was actually dreading the New Year! I could not believe my ears! Where were they from...a different planet?

Then it dawned on me! This person had a JOB!

When people are stuck in a "rut" with a job they only do because they need the money to pay bills, they have no dream! This person had no dream!!! The dream had been beaten out of them, or should I say that they let their dreams be stolen from them. They had a "job mentality".

They told me that they hated New Year's day because of all the uncertainty ahead and were worrying about if this next year would be better or worse than last year. There was no thought about what they could do to make it better than last year.

They were stuck in "rut-thinking"!

I was raised on a ranch in southern Alberta and by "Jimminy", every year we were always talking about what we were going to do to make the new year better. We had plans and our resolutions up and already in motion by the end of the old year.

Through my childhood training, I learned that if my life was going to be better than it was, it was totally up to me. It was not up to the government, or my parents, or my neighbours, or my friends. It was plain and simple up to me to make a difference.

It is unfathomable to me that anyone can be so sad and disappointed in life to not realize that they are exactly where they are in life because of decisions they have made in their lives...decisions THEY have made in their lives!

It does not matter if we are hit by a bus and have every bone in our body broken. What is important is how we react to that situation. We have a choice, either we lay down and give up or we snap to it and plan to overcome.

"So If you don't like where you are, move, you are not a tree." (Jim Rohn)

There is nothing that is impossible. There is no "try". There is only "do or do not" (as Yoda said).

What's holding you back from your greatest potential?

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Christine Till
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