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Monday, 23 January 2017

LinkedIn Tip # 81 - How to Search for a Job on LinkedIn

Are you frustrated trying to find work using LinkedIn and other online resources?

Are you aware that the whole job search system has changed? Traditional systems no longer work. Most of the jobs are not even posted anymore, so how do you find a job?

I have some tricks up my sleeve.

If you are currently employed and looking to find a different job, and can afford to be on a paid platform, get on Sales navigator right away. Here's why.

1. You get 30 paid InMails that you can use every month to send direct messages to people you find through your searches on LinkedIn.

2. You get 15 free InMails, whether you are on a paid platform or whether you are on a free one. However, these InMails can only be used in the groups. So if you are on Sales Navigator, you receive a total of 45 InMails every month.

3. You can set up files on the key decision makers by company.

4. You can search profiles in "stealth mode". That means that they will not be able to see who is looking at their profiles.

Begin by doing Advanced Searches for size, type and location of company you are looking to work for. You can see all the key players in each company and ascertain who the top 5-7 decision makers are in the company.

Reach out to the decision makers and ask them if they can share with you what they are looking for in specific jobs (ones that you are interested in) when they hire for those positions. You are sincerely trying to prepare yourself to be a better candidate for a prospective employer.

Take notes and when you have finished your conversation, thank them, perhaps even send them a card in the mail. Did you know that nobody does this anymore? You will stand out.

You are looking to build relationships. It is through these relationships that you will start getting referrals to companies they know are looking for your skills.

Remember that whenever you call a company, you are not pitching yourself, you are always gathering information about what they are looking for when they hire for your type of position.

It is not all about you; it is all about who you know and how much they like you.
Just firing out your resume' does not work.

The secret to finding a job is in the groups and the relationships you build.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to ask and I will respond through my blog.

Make it a great day!

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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