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Thursday, 28 April 2016

LinkedIn Tip # 29 - Are YOU Aware?

Did you know that you have 15 free Inmails on LinkedIn every month?


Perhaps I should define Inmails. 

Inmails are the free email messages you can send to people who are in the same group as you are on LinkedIn. You do not need to be connected to them. You can message these members directly to ask them a question regarding a post they published in the group or you can ask them about their business, etc. This is a good thing, because it is considered rude to carry on an in-depth conversation with them through the comment thread of a group post.

Here is what has transpired.

We used to be able to send as many Inmails through the groups on LinkedIn as we wanted...well, to a limit of about 300 a day. I know because I had my account temporarily sent to 'LinkedIn Jail' for sending out too many in one day.

There were so many people that I wanted to connect with on a deeper level than just posting blogs and comments in the groups I belonged to. I wanted to invite them to come join my group. I also discovered that going into a group and inviting the members to come join my group is rude...I read the Terms of Use.

That won't happen again!

Here is what LinkedIn has done with their platform and why.

There were a lot of people like me who were trying to meet and chat with individuals through the groups that LinkedIn received many...MANY spam reports! LinkedIn was forced to take aggressive action. So they shut down the ability for those of us on the FREE platform to send Inmails out through the groups. However, this was only temporary.

Now they have reprogrammed LinkedIn so that people on the FREE platform can send up to 15 FREE Inmails per month.  These can be sent to people in the groups we have joined to enable us to build deeper relationships for business.

If you need more Inmails per month, you can also purchase bundles of 15 Inmails at a rate of $150.00 per bundle. If you are considering purchasing these bundles, rethink your idea.

Get on a paid platform for $50.00 per month. Your investment includes 15 Inmails a month + you still receive 15 free Inmails a month. 15 paid + 15 FREE = 30 Inmails a month!

There are also many other benefits you receive on the paid platform. Well worth the investment.

We cannot expect LinkedIn to keep supplying us with all the FREE benefits of their platform forever. Somewhere they need to "pay the piper", and so do we.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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