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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Why Are Your Newspaper Ads Failing?

You're spending Three Thousand a month on Newspaper Ads and Sales are Plummeting!

Is it the economy or is it your ads?

First let me share a simple statistic. It takes 17 consecutive times being in the same newspaper before you begin to see results. And that does not mean that your potential customers will start buying from you at that time. It means that people will simply start to notice you and make inquiries, perhaps visit your store.

With the print media, there is no personal touch of a voice or a video. When you have a more personal touch, you have a much faster response. This is why social media is working so well.

With social media, you build the relationship online through blogging, podcasting and videos. 
Your potential customers start to get a feel for you and your company much faster than they can through simple print media.

Once you build the relationships with your potential customers, they are ready to learn more about you. You can then bring them to a face-to-face, where real business gets done.

A face-to-face can be a phone call, a webinar, a workshop, a networking meeting, or a coffee meeting.

We are gregarious creatures, we people, and we need to be able to see the body language that happens in a face-to-face meeting. That body language is what helps to close the sale.

You can hear body language through the voice as well as see it through video and real life meetings. It all helps to build that know, like and trust we need in order to buy.

The next time you are thinking of spending three thousand a month on print media, do a double-check. It might be good to take some of that budget and put it into social media instead.

Think about it.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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