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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

LinkedIn Tip # 53 - Can I Market to My B to C on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a B to B platform and is meant for business, but those are people on there.

People need 'stuff'. They get hungry, need medicine, more energy, a massage, to feel better, to buy a home, and the list goes on.

My humble opinion is that in spite of the fact that LinkedIn is the biggest and best B to B platform on the net, everyone on there is looking for something. They are ready to do business in a multiplicity of ways.

With the average income on LinkedIn being $120-125K annually, where do you think that the people are who can afford to buy your 'stuff'? Compare LinkedIn to Facebook. The average income of people on Facebook is around $22K annually. That's poverty line. Do you think the Facebook people can afford to buy your 'stuff'?

Probably your Facebook friends are less able to afford to pay for that full body massage than a CEO of a corporation. Am I correct?

The basics to all marketing is to educate and inform your network. Blog and send messages that uplift, educate and inform your audience. People love reading good copy. They do not love being pitched to.

Do you understand what a 'pitch' is?

A 'pitch' is where you invite people to come buy your 'stuff', or to your webinar, or your workshop. Too much pitching turns your audience off, no matter whether your audience is B to C or B to B. Remember they are all people.

No matter who your customer is, they need you to build that know, like and trust with them before they will buy from you. You build trust through educating and informing and being slightly transparent. (You don't need to share all the skeletons in your closet. Leave your skeletons where they are.)

What I mean is that people need to know what inspired you to build your business. Tell them how you can help them. Tell them how you are different from your competition.

Make a complimentary offer.

Remember it is all about your customers, not about you.

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Christine Till
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