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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

LinkedIn Tip #57 - My Secret Formula to Patience is a Virtue?!

Who in the world has such a thing as patience in this day and age?!

Remember when we had to physically go out and knock on doors to find people to buy our products? How many doors did you have to knock on before you found a purchaser?

Remember when you paid $1200 for that half page advertisement in the newspaper, and then waited for the phone to ring? How long did it take for the phone to ring?

Those were the days when life was great! -Or did I miss something?

Oh! It took a while before you found a buyer? Let me guess, it took 3-6 months before you were able to gain momentum from your efforts.

Yup! Thought so!

With social media and online marketing systems, things still do not happen overnight. It takes time to build that trust we all crave before we buy.

Yes, we may get a few customers trickling in right out of the gate, but those are rare.
It takes 3-6 months to get recognized online through your social media platforms.

Many times I have clients who want to start getting serious about marketing on LinkedIn. They are in dire need of making some money, so as a last big effort, they hire me to help them with that 'magic bullet'. -But there isn't one.

Remember that whatever your choice of platform, you still need a plan.

If you have never done any serious online marketing, you need a professional with lots of experience who can help you with your plan.

People seem to think that if they just start posting things once a week, that they will get business. They also think that they can just post any old thing and put their website at the bottom, and customers will come running.

If you are only posting something once a week, chances are that nobody will notice you!
It is all about the search engines. These have to find your article first. Then you need to be consistent with posting every day, in order for the search engines to find you on a regular basis.

This said, when you post on the LinkedIn Pulse, if you have almost never posted there before, the chances your article will get noticed are slim to none.

Here is my secret formula for posting on LinkedIn and getting noticed.

1. Start posting every day using the 'Rule of 10 Posts'. 6/3/1 - 6 are reposts; 3 are posts you have written; 1 is a pitch. Adhere to this strictly. (I learned this from my friend, Wayne Breibarth) It works like a charm!

2. Set up a Blogger page and publish your post there first. The reason for this is because Blogger is owned by Google. Google is the most powerful search engine on the net. You want their search engines to find you and recognize you.

3. When you publish your post on Blogger, the platform automatically invites you to share your new post on Google+, so be sure to have your Company Page set up on Google+.

4. If you are new, wait 2-3 days for the search engines to find your post before you publish it on LinkedIn Pulse. Now, if you have been posting regularly, you can shorten that time to 24 hours.

5. Everything you write online is written with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Always think, "What will people type in the Google search bar if they don't know my name or my company name?" This keeps it simple and helps you to better understand the power of SEO. You do not need to be an SEO expert to understand a few simple tricks you can use. Once you figure out your keywords, just keep using them in all your online writing.

If you are finding it challenging getting started with your LinkedIn marketing and need help with a plan, contact The Marketing Mentress.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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