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Monday, 15 August 2016

LinkedIn Tip #55 - A Lesson on Optimism from the "Old Iron Pot."

When I was young, my Mom had a rule about the breakfast table.

I am reminded about this simple rule as a result of responses I have seen on my Facebook page. I see people posting things that are meant to be positive. Then from out of the blue, someone has to pop into the discussion with a negative remark that spoils the entire conversation thread. Why is that?

Is it because they have had a sad life or have failed to search for the positive things in life? 

Have they perhaps listened to a little too much negative news, or have they been suffering from some deep wounds that have never been properly healed? Or do they feel that they need to make the world aware of all the gossip.

My heart goes out to those who seem to only find the negative in the things they see, read and hear every day. We all make mistakes and have our own crosses to bear. Why do we need to continue to open old wounds? Why do we need to feel that we need to rehash old news? The more we talk about these negatives things, the more it will recurr.

Here is the lesson I learned from my Mom at the breakfast table.

If we came to the table with a grouchy face in my childhood home, we had to go back to our bedroom until we could find our smile before we were allowed back at the breakfast table.

My younger brother, George, had huge challenges with this. He would come to the table invariably with a grouchy face. Mom would promptly send him back to his room. I watched him one day as he went down the hall and around the corner. He stopped, scrunched up his face in different contortions until he found a strained smile. Then he came back around the corner, down the hall and into the kitchen with this strained grin that made us all laugh. He had a great, sarcastic sense of humour.

Of course, he had a smile, and Mom would just laugh without saying a word.

From this experience I learned that being cheerful was a decision. It was not something that just happened. If I stubbed my toe on my bedpost as I was rushing around getting ready in the morning, that did not have to ruin my day. I could decide to make the day an awesome day.

When I had the opportunity as a volunteer to help guide the Arthritis Self Help program, I saw many people who were stuck in their negative thoughts. I also noticed that the stress that these thoughts caused added to their burden. Some were so negative that it was hard to even be in the same room with them. There were others who seemed to have the worst Arthritic conditions in the world, but they were so cheerful and positive that we all loved being around them. The positive ones were willing to try new things and implement them into their lives. The negative ones would just grumble that they had tried that and would not try it again.

No matter what our ailment or challenge, it is all about putting forth consistency in our efforts. Success in anything in life does not happen over night.

A next door neighbour who was riddled with Arthritis, went for a walk down the block and when she returned, she said she felt like she was going to expire. So, she vowed never to try going for a walk again.

There is a principle here. What do you think it is?

Consistency over time!

The Arthritic people with the negative mindsets had a far more challenging time dealing with life than the ones with the positive mindset.

Have you noticed that when you are with someone who is cheerful and positive, you enjoy being in their presence? Doesn't it make the day brighter and more welcoming!

When we have a positive mindset, the whole world is a better place.

Dwelling on the negatives of life will not make the world change. Only through creating a more positive, happy world will the negatives disappear.

I am thankful to wonderful musicians and entertainers, who perform from deep within their very being and share positive music with us to uplift our spirits. When I am feeling a little down, so to speak, I turn to "The Piano Guys", the classics or sacred music. Listen and feel their music as the Piano Guys uplift you. The Piano Guys

Life is never perfect every minute of every day, but we can find ways to make it so.
Remember, "If it's to be, it's up to me!"

Having a positive attitude will take you far not only on a personal basis, but also in business. People want to do business with someone who has a positive attitude.

I once saw a post that said, "Your smile is your logo." Let me add to that, "A positive attitude is the success of your business."

"When you do the things that most people don't do, you will have the things that most people won't have.!" (Zig Zigglar)

"Where there's a Till, there's a will; Where there's a will, there's a way!" (C.Till)

What's your motto?

Love & Blessings,
Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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