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Friday, 12 August 2016

LinkedIn Tip #54 - "Where there's a Till, there's a will; Where there's a will, there's a way!"

Have you been wondering exactly how to use LinkedIn to market your business?

This is my slogan that has evolved out of my challenges encountered through starting and running my own business. The first time I set foot on LinkedIn was May 24th of 2009. I was so scared of putting my face up there and opening myself up online that I read the entire terms of use for LinkedIn! I wanted to know exactly what I had to do and what was expected of me on this platform.

I was scared to death!

Here is what I thought: I figured that as soon as I opened up an account, I would be inundated with hundreds of clients that I could not even begin to handle. Imagine that!
Guess what happened?

It took me several months to build up my clients. I did manage to get clients in the first month, but not enough to pay the bills. What this taught me was that it takes time to build trust with people, so they will reach out to you and want to do business.

I discovered that building relationships with people online was just the same as building relationships in person, face to face.

We need to be willing to share a little from our own heart about what makes us tic...we need to be willing to share our "why". We need to share a bit about "who" we are. When we try to hide completely, people just do not trust us. They can sense that we are holding back and hiding something from them.

Now, we do not need to share all the skeletons in our closets, but we do need to share our "why". What inspired you to do what you do?

I notice this in the first 3 seconds of viewing someone's profile. Remember that you only have 3 seconds to make a great first impression on LinkedIn. People see our headshot and how welcoming we look with that great smile, then they check out our name and third, they check out our headline.

If we just state our degrees and titles in our headline, it says nothing about how we can help them. It says nothing about how we are different from our competition, who also have the exact same titles. There has to be something in our headline that makes people want to read on to our Summary.

Through all the challenges of learning how to build a "killer profile" on LinkedIn and how to build the relationships I need and want for business, my tagline has evolved.

Sometimes it just takes sheer 'grit' when you are building a business. There is nothing else that can replace tremendous tenacity and desire to fulfill your dreams.

It took me time to find my vision for my future. In fact, I am still working on building my vision. I have discovered that every business owner continually works on building their vision for the future of their business.

I am not alone, and neither are you.

I have to push through every day. There are times when I fail and there are time when I am hugely successful...but I know in my heart that I can, I will, and I shall not be denied.

You can do it too. Develop your slogan. You are the only "you" there is, and only you can do your business the way you do it.

You can, you will, you shall not be denied!

"Where there's a Till, there's a will; Where there's a will, there's a way!" (Christine Till)

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