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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Did you know about Saved Searches?

Are you searching with a new Boolean string every day and not saving?

It can get monotonous trying to search for your target market on LinkedIn if you do not know who they are for certain. So what can you do to save the perfect searches?

There is a way to go into LinkedIn and set up an advanced search.

Click the word, Advanced, on the right side of the search bar on your LinkedIn Home page.

You will see a menu open up that allows you to choose the different search parameters to fit your desired target audience. Once you have chosen the parameters you want, you can then choose to save those selections. You can set a specific advanced search, save it and let it run for a week or two and see if it is producing what you are looking for.

When a saved search stops producing, simply go in and set up a new one, save it and let it produce for you.

This is LinkedIn's way of helping you with Boolean strings.

Let LinkedIn help you.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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