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Monday, 28 March 2016

LinkedIn Tip #21 - How to Publish on LinkedIn.

What is the right process for you to publish a post on LinkedIn?

There are 3 places to publish a post on LinkedIn.

1. The Pulse. To publish on the Pulse, you need to "Publish a Post" on the Home page.

Here's what happens! 

Your wonderful post/blog gets sent out on "Pulse" as well as your own "Profile Page". Check it out and see.

Then you simply copy the link for your new post and paste it on your "Company Page" feed.

This I find is the optimal way to post your blogs on LinkedIn.

2. Profile Page. When you Publish a Post on your Profile page, you then have to publish it on the pulse and the Home page, but then you end up with duplicate posts on your Profile page. You will still need to publish your post on your Company page as well.

4. Company Page. The great thing about your Company Page is that you can use it to invite people to follow you and read your blog posts. You can post the blogs you post in your Pulse, Profile page and Home page, on your Company page. You will not have any duplicates on your profile page.

Next time I will write about "Your Updates", what these are and where to find them.

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Christine Till
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