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Monday, 7 March 2016

Why are you stressing out?

Did the cows get out again? Who can we blame this time?

Back in my ranching days, when a cow got out of the pasture by breaking through the fence, it caused huge trauma and stress.

            1. Because the fence was broken and had to be mended.
            2. Because the cows were wild and very challenging to herd back into said field.

We discovered a great way to get the cows to come back willingly. Simply place a large bucket of oats on the tailgate of the truck and drive slowly enough so the cows could almost get a mouthful, then stop, so they could get a taste, and move again slowly until they were back home in their fenced pasture. (Of course someone had to sit in the back of the truck to hold the bucket, or the bucket would be knocked to the ground spilling all the oats out, and defeating our purpose all together.)

Very delicate procedure this was. And it worked like a charm!

Once we discovered the secret formula to rounding up the escaped animals, the next time one escaped, we knew just what to do.

The same thing applies to business today.

All we need to do is figure out a plan to help solve our customer's pain and voila!

What is keeping your customers awake at 2am?  What is their pain? What can you do to help ease that pain?

Once you have solved this puzzle, you have your solution to making your business prosper.

The customers will come to you!

The cows' pain was having to go back into the pasture where they could not eat the fresh green grass growing in the ditches along the road. They hated to leave that luscious food.

Enter a food that cows will do anything for...oats! Cows will do anything they can to get a mouth full of their favourite oats.

What is it that you can offer your customers that will keep them coming and coming over and over again?

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See you there!

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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