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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Magic of the Written Word!

How has social media played havoc with our English language and online communication?

One day I was waiting to cross the street and in front of me were two young ladies about 13-14 years of age. They were both busy typing on their smart phones as they stood there waiting for the light to change.

Suddenly one looked over at the other saying, "Yeah!" Then she went back to typing.

Then the other one turned to the first one and replied, "Yeah!"

I suddenly realized that they were texting to each other! Here they were standing right beside each other! I was in shock!

What is happening to the art of our conversation?

This way of communicating is trending into our emails and all the online systems we use to communicate with others.

I have almost lost two good friends because of a misunderstanding of the written word. Who knows how many friends we may all have lost without knowing because we tried to be quip.

Emails, blogs, Facebook comments, LinkedIn comments and the like are not a place to be sarcastic or quip. People cannot see your face of hear your tone of voice. Sarcastic quips usually come across as sharp and hurtful. In fact sarcasm usually comes across as hurtful and inappropriate any time.

If we want to build relationships with people online it is pertinent to be professional and visualize how we would feel if someone said the exact same thing to us in the same context.

If you are not sure, have someone proof read it before you post.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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  1. This texting is so common. Even couple texts each other over the dining table in a restaurant.