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Monday, 28 March 2016

Why Blog?

Why does your blog need to be at the center of your online marketing?

Blogging achieves several business objectives.

It can help you get found online. It allows you to include keywords that people might search for in order to find you online. Blogs help engage people and then they want to share your stuff with their connections. The more you blog, the more people sign up for your blog.

When you have written a bunch of blogs, and people go to your site, they will stay there longer because they become engrossed in your content.

After you have written a blog, you have a piece of content. Then you can take that content and easily post it to all your online platforms.

Take blogging seriously and do it consistently. It may not start out as being the best written blog in the world, but people will enjoy watching you grow and improve through your blog.

People like reading your stories.

What do you blog about?

What do you love to talk about? What is it about your products or services that makes you different? How have you made a difference in your customers lives? Talk about why your customers come to you? What do people like to hear from you?

Blog boosts. Check what content most of your followers read the most. This will tell you what to write about. When you continue to write about what your "peeps" want to read, the search engines will also pick up on your content...especially when you use key words.

Great bloggers, Darren Rowse & Seth Godin. They tell us to Be authentic.

Blogging helps you build valuable relationships with customers. People do business with people that they know, like, and trust. It's the regular contact that endears people to you.

Your blog needs to educate, engage, empower, entertain, and inform your audience.

Education - positions you as the expert.

Engagement - makes your audience want to comment and share your blogs.

Empowerment - encourages your audience to take charge and implement.

Entertainment - exposes your lighter side and makes people laugh.

Information - helps your readers better themselves or their businesses in some way.

Your blog needs to be at the center of your marketing campaign with your website and other online platforms attached. When you publish a blog, it will then instantly be sent out through all your social platforms for your connections to read.

The content in your blogs becomes an asset to your readers. You are offering real value.

Jonathan Christian taught me the true power of blogging and I am very thankful for him. Blogging has become the most powerful piece of my business.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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