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Friday, 1 July 2016

LinkedIn Tip # 43 - Three "Work-A-rounds with or without InMails."

How in the world do you message people you find on LinkedIn now?!

Back a few years ago, you could send out up to 300 messages a day to people you were not connected to on LinkedIn.

Last fall LinkedIn changed their algorithms and completely closed down the ability to send InMails when you were on the FREE platform. Then they allowed 15 FREE InMails on the FREE platform. A week ago, they shut the FREE InMails down all together ... again.

Today if you want to send InMails to someone on LinkedIn, you need to be on a paid platform. Personally, I am on the Executive one, because I need more InMails.

Here is what you can do to reach out to people on LinkedIn:

1. Send messages to all the people who stopped by to visit my profile.

You think of your LinkedIn profile like your store. When you have a physical store front and a prospective customer comes through the door, what do you do? -You approach them and thank them for stopping by and ask them "How may I help you?" So that is what I say to all those profile viewers. (You need to be on a paid platform for this.)

"Hi <name>!

Thanks for stopping by my profile!

How may I help you?



2. Invite them to join your group.

Mine is the "MarketingEnthusiasts". Come over and join our discussions about marketing.

Do you own your own group yet? You might want to give it some thought. It is a way to pitch your stuff to your group members once a week. As a group owner/manager, you can send a pitchy message inviting them to come to an event or to your website to take advantage of your special offer, etc.

3. Watch the other profiles people viewed.

When you find one of your connections, who is connected to the person you want to connect with,  ask for an introduction.

Share with your connection why you want to get in touch with the person and ask them to introduce you.

These are a few possibilities you have available to you on LinkedIn whether you have access to InMail or not!

Ask us how.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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